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A unique journey and unforgettable experience await you in a small town in India at the feet of the majestic Himalaya Mountains. If you’re considering volunteering abroad as a way to see the world and help its downtrodden, or as a path to transforming your life into something more meaningful, you’ve come to the perfect site!

IFRE’s Himalaya volunteer experience takes you to a small, beautiful town surrounded by awe-inspiring panoramas. You’ll have the opportunity to visit many of India’s unique attractions and make friends for life with the people you help. We invite you to join IFRE’s very special Volunteer in India—Himalaya project and experience the profound beauty and spirit that define the true India. The people of this ancient country will touch your heart, and you will, in turn, have the great satisfaction of having helped others toward a brighter future.

  • The world’s most affordable volunteer programs – starting at $300.
  • Low Fees are paid directly to host families and projects with absolutely no middlemen!
  • Experience the personal satisfaction of improving the lives of those in need who desperately need assistance.
  • Your one-time low fee cover accommodations, food, project costs, and support by expert and trustworthy local staffs.
  • Your safety is our utmost priority. We fully understand it can feel intimidating to be far from home in an unfamiliar country. But you’ll never feel alone with our 24/7 expert support staff and services.

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