Scuba Diving, Naturalist, Conservationist Volunteer Program

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On our marine conservation Scuba diving, Naturalist, Conservationist volunteer program you will be focusing mainly on water-based activities such as coral farming, reef clean up, Nudibranch survey, turtle monitoring, and shipwreck monitoring. you will be contributing to taking broken coral fragments and giving them a second chance to survive at our nursery. Some frames will remain on our nursery permanently as fish are using them as homes for their juveniles.

Part taking in 'Reef cleans up' is also a vital element to this placement. Keeping the ocean clean and free of old fishing nets will help to restore the natural reefs.

Turtle monitoring is also included in the placement. This consists of monitoring baby eggs on the beach and releasing them back to the sea.

  • Experience true Bali surrounded by beautiful hills, waterfalls and the Java/Indian ocean filled with dolphins
  • Gain authentic Balinese culture by living in the heart of the community situated 1 minute walk from the beach
  • Become more insightful and mindful of the deeper meaning of what a teacher is, and to share knowledge to eager humble students
  • Create unforgettable memories in Bali, meeting incredible like minded people from all walks of life
  • Visit neighbouring islands, such as, Flores, Lembongan, Gili islands and Lombok and see spectacular Hindu temples and experience a culture like no other


contribute to conserving and building a new coral reef in North Bali. Transplanting broken coral and growing new baby coral is the practical experience you'll receive.

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