Volunteer Abroad in Japan with United Planet for 1-12 Weeks

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Volunteers will have the chance to step back in time and volunteer in Okazaki City, a town reminiscent of the Edo period, when Japan was in a time of peace and international openness. Japan is known for its traditional culture dating back thousands of years, while also having a vibrant society that continuously modernizes alongside the rest of the world in technology, fashion, cuisine and daily life.

Email us at quest@unitedplanet.org or call at +1 (617) 874-8041 for more information.

Program Highlights
  • Volunteers will have an opportunity to assist in local artisan’s workshop, where artists make traditional drums, or “taiko”, confectioneries, and handicrafts using techniques such as firing.

Program Impact

As a volunteer in Japan, you can choose between working with children in a local kindergarten, assisting a tea plantation throughout the entire tea-making process, or volunteering with a local artisan’s workshop to make drums, candies, and other handicrafts.

Travel Update: Costa Rica, Peru, and Spain Now Open For Volunteer Abroad

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- Ecological projects in Costa Rica open for Short- & Long-Term Quests.
- Short-Term projects in Peru & Spain: Health, Children and Education, Environmental Sustainability, & Conservation.

Email us at quest@unitedplanet.org for more info!

Popular Programs

Working With Children

Volunteers in Japan will have the opportunity to work with children in a local kindergarten, junior high school, or after school program. Volunteer tasks include helping teach English and other subjects, organizing games and activities, as well as daily tasks like cooking and cleaning.
Available Dates: Quests start every Saturday, year-round
Minimum Stay: 1 week
Requirements: At least 18 years old, can be flexible

Culture and Education

Volunteers learn about local handicrafts and techniques by assisting with a local artisan’s workshop. Examples include drum-making, fabric dying, bonsai, and woodworking.

Available Dates: Quests start every Saturday, year-round
Minimum Stay: 1 week
Requirements: At least 18 years old, can be flexible

Environmental Sustainability

Volunteers will have the chance to work with a local tea plantation, learning about the entire tea-making process, from farming and cultivating the tea leaves to processing and packaging.

Available Dates: Quests start every Saturday, year-round
Minimum Stay: 1 week
Requirements: At least 18 years old, can be flexible

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best moth of my life

Really I thought just being in Japan was enough to make my heart beat, but not only that was amazing there where the people I meet and the family's I stayed with. I have traveled a lot in my life and this was my first time traveling alone, I was scared but the overall feeling of being able to be apart of this adventure just made me so happy. My host family's where so kind that I felt welcomed and reassured. Nothing about my experience was not fun, even when I missed my stop at like midnight and had to take a very expensive taxi back home. Now I only laugh about it, what can I do about it. It's now a story I can tell my friends over dinner.
The food there was the best for me, it comes in small portions but there are so many different dishes.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Vyacheslav, yes! You are welcome to take part in this program with another person. We will work to place you in the same project, accommodations, activities, etc. Each additional person also receives 10% off with our friends and family discount ! Please email us at quest@unitedplanet.org if you have any more questions.