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volunteers placement community development Africa
volunteers placement community development Africa
volunteers placement community development Africa
volunteers placement community development Africa


Volunteer on childcare project and offer support in children orphanages to assist children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Volunteers will help out with day to day chores.

The aim of the childcare project in Kenya is to provide much needed assistance in childcare centers. Some of this children are orphaned and don’t have anyone else in the world so the children’s home is their safe place and they need attention, affection and direction at the young age. The children’s homes provide the children with safe place to develop their potential.

These children needs life skills and education so they can have a successful future free from poverty and filled with the same opportunities like others. As a volunteer working in a childcare project, you will have the opportunity to help these children in need. Children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Children who have been abused by their parents and children whose parents are not able to provide for them.

  • Social change that will benefit local communities
  • Local people have the full level of involvement of the administration and all the on-site local project
  • Support local community


The impact an international volunteer can have on locals is an inspirational and motivational and there is immense impact to local projects where we place our volunteers.

Volunteering makes a significant contribution . It plays a critical role in empowering local community and individuals in which we can all flourish. We know that, volunteering has many benefits for individuals, the local projects to which they contribute and society as a whole. Through volunteering programs, volunteers will have a chance to make a personal contribution and connection to the people of Kenya.To bring about social change and also your input will help to shape communities for the future and will improve quality of life for the locals. Volunteers in return will gain confidence, be part of a community, learn new skills, take on a challenge , have fun, and help you meet different kinds of people and make new friends.

Some additional volunteering programs are to build infrastructure in less fortunate places in Kenya. This infrastructure may include local schools and hospitals whereby, you will have a positive impact where you get to leave the locals with a form of empowerment, and they can help themselves in the future. If you help build a school then you will help create generations of educated youth, who can help their community in the future, and in return build more infrastructures in the area.

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