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When you choose to volunteer through RCDP International you not only get the best value for your money but will help empower local communities, contribute in developmental projects and help the disadvantaged and marginalized.
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Jun 30, 2019
Sep 13, 2022
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About Program

Kenya is a country of mountains, deserts, tribes, beaches and national parks where wildlife roam in abundance. Needless to say, tourism is the mainstay of the country. Despite all this, Kenya suffers from an economy that is weak and a society divided along tribal lines. Deprivation is also widespread and many people struggle to eke out enough to survive. This has given rise to some of the largest slums in the world in Nairobi and other urban areas. But there is also hope as the government in Kenya is more accountable to its people than other neighboring countries. Grassroots communities are also fighting poverty to build a better future. RCDP International works with these organizations to offer volunteer placements to anyone who wants to experience this fascinating developing country and help the disadvantaged.

Our programs in Kenya include: Orphanage work, Teaching English, Healthcare and HIV Awareness.

Consider your impact: Volunteering abroad can be a rewarding experience for both volunteers and local communities, and at Go Overseas, we believe all volunteers should have the resources to make informed decisions about the type of volunteer project they want to partake in. However, despite best intentions, some organizations offering placements in orphanages may unknowingly place children in danger. You can read about the potential dangers of orphanage volunteering here.

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Program Highlights

  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you by volunteering in a project of your choice.
  • At $150, ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program available.
  • Your fees directly benefit your host family – there are no middlemen.
  • Partner with others just like yourself–people who know that a better world begins with changing a single life.
  • Your safety is always our priority… every volunteer location has been thoroughly vetted.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Masailand yet lose to Nairobi

Through this program I was given the opportunity to teach at a primary school in Kimuka, a small, rural village just outside of Nairobi, for a few weeks. I hit the ground running and started teaching from day one. Students and the other teachers were very appreciative of my contribution to the learners success.
My host family is super friendly. Virginiah and the family gave me lots of insights to the local way of living that one would never get otherwise, and included me wherever sensible.
Finally my local coordinator Jackson was kind and caring. He kept in touch and checked in on me regularly.

  • Friendly people
  • Impact and perspectives for students
  • Getting to know local people
  • Everyone needs to make a living, so be cautious when money is involved and question prices
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience in Kenya

I spent a month in a medical centre located in Ngong, a town closed to Nairobi. As a Physio students, I learned so much with the project! The project was more then I could have ever imagined. And the host family was outstanding. Meals were great and the housing that I stayed in was more then what was excepted. So thankful to join part of this family. I couldn't say more amazing things about this program. It was absolutely an eye opening experience. Couldn't recommend it more to come and lend a hand.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Kenya School

I spent a month in a school located a couple of hours out of Nairobi.
I was unsure of what I'd be doing exactly but knew I wanted to spend some time being useful.
Ended up funding and helping lay concrete floor in the classrooms where before it was just dust and dirt. And we also refurbished the toilet block.

It was an absolutely fantastic experience. The co-ordianter was welcoming and made everything run smoothly at all times. Was a pleasure to stay at his place in Mitaboni as well as with his family in Nairobi.

Village life was fantastic and everyone was so welcoming and kind. Even ended up playing guitar in a church band one Sunday.

Couldn't recommend it more to come and lend a hand. Whatever you can do to help, if I wasn't mixing cement with the workers, I was helping in classes, making posters for the children.
It's not a fast paced lifestyle but it's never boring in the slightest.
An amazing experience

What was your funniest moment?
Any interacting with the kids in the school. Bought a Bluetooth speaker with me so frequent dance parties broke out at break times and after lessons. Turns out they all love AC/DC!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Immersed in the Kenyan culture and their way of life

This trip was the first volunteering service that I have done in my life, on my own and in a new country. My purpose was to look for a new perspective of the world which I have found in Kenya. Since the first day of arrival, I was struck by how friendly the people were. They were extremely welcoming and eager to help. I spent two weeks to volunteer at an orphanage which is the home to around 20 kids. I have also met the founder of this orphanage, who is an incredible mother to 5 grown-ups of her own as well as the orphanage kids. I could see that under her care the kids are well-fed, happy and kind-hearted. Through their hard work, some of them also achieved very good level at national exams and brought pride to this humble orphanage. The kids that I have interacted with were shy in speaking in English at first but they were very happy to get to know me (which evidenced through giving lots of hugs and kisses and making plaits with my hair). Towards the end of the programme, I have got to know the character of each of the kids and their confidence has also grown a lot since.

I felt that I was well looked after throughout the programme, always accompanied by some of the school/ orphanage staff to and from the host home. They also introduced me to the local rugby games, church, cultural food as well as the festive activities there, which were memorable. During the weekends, I also took a visit to Massai Mara for the safari and the attractions that the city has to offer.

Overall, I felt that my impact wasn't a lot due to it being already a fairly established orphanage and the school (co-located with the orphanage) was closed for the holiday. However, I went with a mindset to learn and so just being able to put more smiles on the kids' face, contributing to their meals and helping out with chores were satisfying for me. This is only the beginning to many trips back to Kenya to visit the friends and kids there!

What would you improve about this program?
I'd have liked to understand where the money that I paid for is contributing to upfront, including those for the project itself as well as the recommended excursions. It was unpleasant to find out that a large part of the fees that I paid for the excursions actually went as commissions to the local country coordinator (of RCDP), on top of the cost of safari tour which was arranged by a third party. It has upset me because this sum of money could have been used to purchase food for the orphanage kids. In general, I found the information provided by the local coordinator (as well as his presence) limited, his attitude and communication skills very poor. A lot of the information was only given after I repeatedly asked for it. The upside was that his family was welcoming and caring for my needs so the overall stay was still pleasant.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Submerged in Culture

My friend and I volunteered in a clinic as nurses for 2 weeks and stayed with our host family in Nairobi. The family was very welcoming and encouraged us to learn Kenyan culture by allowing us to participate in making meals (we mastered making Chapati!), going to the market to shop for food and learn to take local transportation.

The clinic allowed us hands-on experience to interact with the people of Kenya and to learn how different the health care and processes are however, the clinic was not what we had expected and felt that our nursing skills were not useful in that setting. Our volunteer coordinator was very receptive to our feedback and he brought us to visit multiple projects in and around Nairobi where we were able to experience much more. We visited different schools, had the opportunity to bring food and a water filter to a rural school in need as well as, visit an orphanage in Nairobi. The coordinator brought us to his countryside home and we also visited Masailand where we learned about Masai culture and projects being started there.

The people of Kenya were all very welcoming and we felt very safe traveling around the city. The coordinator traveled with us on the bus multiple times to ensure we were comfortable getting to and from shopping and the clinic. On our weekends in between volunteering, we were able to see all the unique things Nairobi has to offer, whether it’s going on safari or visiting local attractions.

My favourite part of this experience was being submerged in Kenyan Culture. Living with our host family was fun; we always felt welcome and like a part of the family. Meeting the children was always exciting. Their energy and smiles are contagious and I looked forward to interacting with them daily. The children are so kind, playful and eager to learn. They loved to sing for us and I left each day with my heart feeling full.

Kenya is a beautiful country full of vibrant landscapes, opportunity and growth. The people of Kenya are in great need but their resilience and positivity is inspiring. This experience has been life changing and we will definitely be returning!

What would you improve about this program?
Prior to coming to Kenya, we were given information about our clinic placement but when we arrived to Kenya, it had changed. It would have been nice to keep the placement arranged originally or been told ahead of time about the changes.
The clinic chosen for us was well staffed and we did not use our skills as intended however, the coordinator did a great job finding us opportunities to learn and feel like we were making a difference within the different community programs.
I recommend asking questions and for clarification as some of the information given on the website and from the organization can be conflicting. It was not clear what the cultural immersion program and placements entailed. The program coordinators we very willing and available to answer questions, we just did not know what we should have clarified before going to Kenya.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experiencing Kenya

My friend and I volunteered as nurses in the medical program with RDCP in Kenya. Given my years of nursing experience, I expected to be more useful than we were in the Nairobi clinic we were placed in. The clinic was already well staffed with a two nurses. That said, I did appreciate the the welcoming staff, the opportunity to participate in care of patients, and the willingness of staff to share their knowledge and experience.
The clinic is located in Kawangware, a neighbourhood in Nairobi, so we had to get used to using local transportation and navigating the streets, which is an experience all on its own. We were accompanied several times by our volunteer coordinator to ensure we knew what to do and felt comfortable moving around on our own. I really felt that our safety was a priority for the RCDP staff for our whole stay.
Our volunteer coordinator, and host, brought us to a few other projects while we here working. I was able to spend a day at a rural village school as well as a nursery school in Kibera. We also stopped by a medical clinic in Kibera and learned about an NGO that provides water filters to communities in need.
My favourite part of the whole experience was seeing different aspects of Kenyan life. We met people every day in the clinic, walking around and through our host family. Our host brought us to his farm in a village outside of Nairobi and we spent a day in a Massai village.
I especially appreciated being welcomed into the home of a Kenyan family- it was a pleasure to spend time with them and participate in their daily lives.
Kenya is a vibrant, interesting, beautiful country filled with friendly, welcoming, and resilient people. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to travel around this place and meet the people who live here.

What would you improve about this program?
Our volunteer coordinator did a great job of keeping in contact with us before the trip and keeping us updated about what was happening during the trip. Still, there was some conflicting information between the website and other info we were provided as well as something
miscommunication about where our placement would be, what cultural immersion entails, etc. I would suggest clarifying information and asking questions to ensure accuracy. I should also say that our volunteer coordinator was receptive to all concerns and feedback.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A great experience which melts your hearts putting smiles on childrens faces

I had a great experience living in the village and teaching the kids what I can, all the kids were lovely and definitely willing to learn which made it so much more fulfilling. The only downfall is that it was out of school season so I only got to teach about 10-12 students instead of the normal 100 or more during school time and it's hard to teach if you don't get the support of what to teach but it was a great experience none the less because the kids were friendly and always happy. I also got to work at an orphanage in Nairobi which was very fulfilling to be able to look and play with kids with no parents but provide them love within a very supportive family which are the carers or other children there. It was sad to see so many babies not have parents but definitely fulfilling to help out where I could.

What would you improve about this program?
Can be improved by telling you where the money you pay is going.
Also, if you have paid for 2 full weeks than that's how many days you should be volunteering, otherwise days that you have paid should go to the project itself instead of you having to provide more money or support.
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