Volunteer as a teacher at Aay's Village from $139
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Volunteer as a teacher at Aay's Village from $139

There are a lot of movements to improve education quality in SE Asia, but overall, Laos lacks sufficient number of qualified teachers and student enrollment is low. In the village, students usually quit school when they are 16. The growing tourist market is in need of English speaking locals and the failure to provide this need to the market is a huge obstacle in the search for better job opportunities for the Lao people.

As a teacher, you will join us in teaching 120 children each day in our project house. Some of our youngest students learn from digital tablets with pedagogic apps, and some classes are more skilled in English and highly benefits from training basic conversation and more experienced English education.

Meetings between local villagers and international volunteers can bridge the gap between different cultures for both parties and our methods are based on critical thinking instead of just repetition.

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Small Group (1-15)
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Costs per week at Aay's Village:
1 week: 139 $
10 days: 189 $
2 weeks: 239 $
3 weeks: 299 $
4 weeks: 349 $
Contact us for a quota on more than four weeks, you can stay as long as you want!

The costs include:
Online application
Preparation book
Reference letter

Questions & Answers

Hi Danny! You can apply to join us in Aay’s Village through this link: https://www.aaysvillage.com/volunteerapplication Our Volunteer Manager will be in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving your application! Hope to hear from you soon! Åshild Manager @aaysvillage

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Siri Garli

Really good experience!

At our short, but good stay at Aay's Village, we got to do so many different things: Laotian wedding, climbing a mountain, lunch (literally!) in the river, graduation for the kids, decorating the new project house, starting the work with EcoBricks, working with the LearningLab, visiting the public school and so much more. And all this in 6 days!

A truly amazing, authentic experience.

Yes, I recommend


Was one of the first volunteers at Aays Village and can honestly say it was an amazing experience. You get to live with a local family in a rural area far away from any tourism teaching english to around 120 kids. Super rewarding and many other amazing things to do in the local community. You can for example go trekking, fishing, play football with the kids, participate in cooking, construction, eco projects such as ecobricks and farming.

How can this program be improved?

I'm currently involved long term in the project and we are continiously trying to improve the project to also involve teaching about other sibjects such as IT, sustainability and farming.

Yes, I recommend
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The most incredible experience of my life

I chose Aay's Village because I was inspired by its story and uniqueness. Additionally, I was looking for a continuous project i.e. one that that would be permanent in its location and not just temporary. This was a decisive factor for me because I wanted to make sure that after I leave that the project will continue and not simply finish a few weeks afterwards.

From the moment I arrived, I immediately felt like home. Lao people are the friendliest nationality that I have ever encountered (and I have traveled a lot around the world in the past) and this is what made my experience at Aay's Village so unique. I was very warmly welcomed by Aay, his family, friends and the chiefs of the village. Throughout my whole stay I always knew that I could count on their help in any situation and I felt extremely safe.

The children that I taught were so special. Throughout my stay I developed a very unique bond with all of them and pretty much knew all of their names after a short period of time, and there were over 70 students that I taught every day. They were extremely excited to learn, listen and interact with me, and they improved their English a lot during my stay there. I loved spending time with them and I think they liked spending time with me as well. Sometimes they would arrive 2 hours before their class and we would play together, laugh together and joke around together. It was extremely difficult to leave Phonsavath Village and I would love to return there one day.

I recommend Aay's Village to anyone looking to have an impact on a small community in a country severely impacted by so many of the world's injustices. Also, I recommend it to anyone looking for an extremely enriching and spiritual experience. I highly recommend checking out their Facebook, Website, Youtube and Instagram for more information.

Yes, I recommend

About Aay's Village

Join us in the jungle of Laos for a unique volunteer experience! Aay's Village is a non-profit project which mission is to give a small village in Laos a possibility to create better opportunities for its children with the most powerful tool:...