• Laos
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Start in Luang Prabang and end in Nong Khiaw! With GIVE's Laos Volunteer Excursion you have a 14-day tour package taking you through Luang Prabang, Nongkhiaw, and the village of Sop Chem.
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Feb 28, 2022
Aug 25, 2022
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About Program

While GIVE’s Laos Program is the perfect extension to our Thailand trip, it also stands alone as an off-the-beaten-path adventure into the rugged mountainous territory of this fascinating country. Your Laos volunteer opportunities will involve supporting remote villages on a variety of English education, eco-friendly infrastructure, agriculture and wildlife conservation projects. You’ll also have the opportunity to meditate with monks in a monastery, summit craggy limestone peaks, explore hidden waterfalls and summit limestone peaks. Come see for yourself why Laos is the best-kept secret in Southeast Asia!

Extend your trip with either or both of our Wildlife Conservation Programs!
Elephant Immersion will take you Northern Thailand to trek with elephants in the jungle, play with baby elephants, & support an elephant nursery/hospital
Volunteer in Vietnam to experience the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh and support Asiatic Back Bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

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Program Highlights

  • Take part in the Alms Ceremony
  • Explore Tat Kuang Sii National Park
  • Visit a 60-acre wildlife sanctuary
  • Hike through dense jungles to a beautiful viewpoint

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Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Laos: A Journey of Love and Community

I can't even begin to describe everything. But during this trip I experienced sights and adventures of a lifetime. We were educated on the history and culture of Laos as we immersed ourselves in the village of Sop Chem. Every person I met (guide, tourist, local, volunteer) was filled with so much joy and love. And the work we did - whether on farm plots, in schools, or with conservatories - was always so rewarding and fulfilling. Through everything, you create the most precious bond with the people around you. It was only two weeks, but I have experienced so much homesick after leaving. 11/10 recommend this experience of a lifetime!

  • Cultural Immersion
  • Rewarding Volunteer Service
  • Bucket-list Adventures
  • Fulls Schedule Leaves Little Bored-Time
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Yes, I recommend this program

Give this beautiful country a chance!!!

I have always heard of Laos, but I never thought to visit it. I'm so happy that GIVE has created a program in this country. This country is beautiful and deserves to be seen. The people have encountered many casualties, yet remain joyful and loving. This trip felt very educational and inspiring. I loved the village we stayed in. The locals treat you like family, which feels like a home away from home. Since the village is remote, you can see how your work impacts the community personally. Aside from the locals, we had terrific guides to help us through everything. Sopchem is a place I would revisit on my own. So if you're questioning this place, I say take the chance and experience this beautiful country!

  • loving guides and locals
  • surrounded by nature
  • always adventure time
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Yes, I recommend this program

Laos Trip Summer 2022

There are no words to describe how impacted and moved I feel from my experience in Laos these past two weeks. Thank you Give Volunteers for the opportunity to be immersed in such a magnificent culture. The beautiful people in the village of Sop Chem hold a special place in my heart forever. Equally, the extraordinary volunteers and guides on this trip have changed my life. The continuous love and support that I felt every minute of our time together has made an impact on my soul in powerful ways. I feel honored to have met every single person on this journey. I am beyond grateful for this experience. My soul feels fulfilled, inspired, and truly re-centered from the life lessons taught to me in Laos.

  • Safe
  • Well rounded trip itinerary
  • Amazing people
  • Not as much volunteering time as I expected
  • Very expensive
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing

This trip was an absolutely amazing experience! I loved everyday and wished to have been able to stay for longer. The adventures everyday were breathtaking, including waterfalls, caves, and mountains. I met amazing people and I with cherish this experience forever. As a minor I felt completely safe throughout the whole entire trip. My guides were always super insightful on any question I had and made the transition from one country to the next very smooth. I can’t wait to be able to travel with GIVE again!

  • Meeting likeminded people
  • Being immersed in a new culture
  • Self growth
  • Lack of contact with home
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Yes, I recommend this program


Absolutely amazing!! You get to stay in the community and immerse in their culture, while helping them and making great connections and friendships with the locals.

  • Learning a new culture
  • Helping people
  • Having fun and making friends
  • No AC
  • Repetitive food
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Yes, I recommend this program

Hidden wonder - Laos

This trip is an experience of a lifetime. Anyone wanting to make a positive difference abroad should definitely think about going with GIVE. The difference that GIVE makes within communities all around the world and sop chem, Laos is absolutely phenomenal. The relationship that the guides have with the locals and how involved the locals are with all of the volunteer work that takes place is amazing. This trip is so rewarding but also does so much good. You really learn a lot about the country you are in and past and current issues that they are facing. This trip opened up my eyes and taught me so much about a country I didn’t even know existed before my trip. I will be forever grateful to GIVE and the opportunities that they gave me.

  • Make amazing friendships
  • Make a real difference in these communities
  • Travel whilst being as sustainable and respectful as possible
  • CO2 emissions for travel
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Yes, I recommend this program

Everyone should go on Gives Laos program

I was having a hard year when i signed up for the Laos trip with Give. I didn’t know how this would end but it’s now something i will be grateful forever. These two weeks will give you more then anything you can do on your own. I got there alone and in tears filled with anxiety but these guides and people made it so feel okay. I grew as a person and as a global citizen. At the same time I got to see al of what Laos has to offer in such a unique and beautiful way. I’m already planing on going on another trip with Give:)

  • Get to feel so much love
  • Getting emerged in a new culture
  • Se amazing views
  • You can feel homesick
  • There is not always wifi
  • It is a hot climate
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Yes, I recommend this program

Give Volunteers Lao Expedition

This was the absolute most wonderful and impactful experience of my life. Give does such an amazing job of bringing us out of our comfort zone in effort to greater understand lives/culture on the other side of our extraordinary planet. I do not think I would be the same person that I am today if it weren’t for the Give volunteers organization. I have such a greater understanding of how spectacular it is to truly immerse yourself within a culture. To see with your very eyes and learn and experience it with them.
I will remember the community of Sop Chem in Laos forever, everything that I learned there I still carry with me to this day. Our guides Brandon and Jess were absolutely spectacular as well, such genuine and sincere people. They poured so much love and energy into our group, it was such a privilege to be in their presence.
I would most definitely recommend this tour to someone who is considering it, they will not regret it. They’ll be changed forever!

  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Family Abroad
  • Lifetime Friendships
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