Laos is one of the most pristine nations in Asia as it still hasn’t been too affected by development and Western culture like most nations. Kayaking, river-rafting and biking are popular activities among tourists. The nation does have a quarter of its citizens who live below the poverty line, so volunteers are needed for many different projects in Laos.

Teach English

Laos has a poor education system. Many schools have a lack of teachers, particularly when it comes to English teachers; thus there is a real need of native English speaking volunteers. As a volunteer, you will teach children English; some of these children will be young Buddhist monks.

Community Development

Laos unfortunately has the distinction of being the most bombed nation in history as it was essentially a dumping ground for explosives for American fighters during the Vietnam War. As a volunteer you will mostly work to improve school facilities and making general improvements in the community.

Orphanage Work

Laos has a number of orphanages and a need for volunteers to work in them. As a volunteer you will help with administrative work, take care of the daily needs of the children, and organize activities for the children.

Volunteering Tips

Know Before You Go: Laos is a nation with a strong Buddhist culture. Every Lao man is expected to be a monk for at least a short period during his life. Monks are forbidden to touch women or even speak to them outside the temple.

Best Places To Volunteer: Vientiane is the capital and economic center of Laos. Luang Prabang is in north central Laos and best known for its numerous Buddhist temples.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Laos

As a volunteer in Laos, it is recommended that you be vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid. If you plan on spending a long time in Laos, particularly outdoors, it is also recommended that you be vaccinated for Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis. For more information visit MD Travel Health.

Laos is a pretty safe nation for tourists to visit. You should be vigilant in crowded areas as there is always a threat from pickpockets.

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Volunteer Programs in Laos

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GVI: Volunteer in Laos
9.28 •29 reviews

In the mountainous city of Luang Prabang, once known as the royal city...

International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ
Most Affordable & Trusted Volunteer Programs in Laos from $260
9.43 •14 reviews

Trusted by 110,000+ volunteers, IVHQ offers the most popular volunteer...

GVI: Volunteer Teaching Programs
10 •7 reviews

Collaborate with GVI staff, partners, and participants from around the...

Love Volunteers
Make a REAL difference in Laos and Work With Children
10 •2 reviews

As a Love Volunteer in Laos you will have the opportunity to break the...

GIVE Volunteers
GIVE Laos Volunteer Excursion & Wildlife Conservation
10 •18 reviews

While GIVE’s Laos Program is the perfect extension to our Thailand...

Volunteer in Laos: Most Affordable & Real Impact!
9.5 •14 reviews

UBELONG offers 1-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in Vang...

Tru Experience Travel
TRU Experience Travel: Volunteer Projects in Multiple Locations
Multiple Countries
9.8 •5 reviews

Tru Experience Travel have some of the most amazing volunteer...

Let Laos Learn
Education Volunteer Projects with Let Laos Learn
10 •11 reviews

Join our team and volunteer abroad in Laos at a genuine non-profit...

Aay's Village
Volunteer as a teacher at Aay's Village from $139
9.83 •6 reviews

There are a lot of movements to improve education quality in SE Asia...

Cuso International
Professional Volunteering Overseas
Multiple Countries
8.67 •3 reviews

Cuso International works collaboratively with overseas partner...

Laos Conservation Trust for Wildlife
Volunteer With Endangered Wildlife At LCTW
10 •1 review

The LCTW is the first and only wildlife rescue, conservation, and...

Aay's Village
Volunteer as an environmentalist at Aay's Village from $139
9 •1 review

80 % of all working Lao people work in and around agriculture. Hence...

Oyster Worldwide
Volunteer with Rescued Elephants in Laos

Volunteer with elephants that have been rescued from the gruelling...

AHHA Education
Teach in Cambodia, Laos, East Timor & India for Free
Multiple Countries

Teach in one of our centers in Asia and share your English language...

Cuso International
Volunteer Teaching - English as a Second Language (Canadians Only)
Multiple Countries

Cuso International is a non-profit international development...

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Hello there, You're probably reading this review because you want to know more about the volunteering experience or are not too sure about this experience. I hope I can ease your mind. Those 3 months...

We visited Ly Ly's family's rice farm and got introduced into the hard farm life of a rice worker. Majo (on the right) is in the process of segregating the usless and useful rice grains with the sifter. This whole family was so so welcoming and kind. It was a lovely day!

I volunteered in Thailand and Laos and there is not a day that goes by where I don't think about my GIVE trip! This was my first time out of the country and my first time traveling alone, so my family...

Rice Wine!

Step into another world and experience a completely new culture and you'll learn so much more about yourself that you probably thought you never would... Yet you are just in another country, with the...

Lunchtime class in the library with the teenage Novice Monks

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