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NEWS: The Malawi Marathon - the race of a lifetime!

VOLUNTEER, RUN, TRAVEL! 21 - 27 May 2018

Race for a good cause; 10km, half marathon and the ultimate marathon distances available. Run side by side with members of the local community that you have been volunteering to assist during the week. Wake up at base camp to enjoy sunrises over the beautiful Lake Malawi and socialise around a fire on the beach in the evenings, with a group of like minded people from around the globe.


Naturally Africa Volunteers provides community development projects that address crucial need in disadvantaged areas. As one of the poorest countries in the world there are many areas of need in Malawi. On our project we work closely with communities to support health care, teaching, pre-school, sports and I.T education initiatives. Our projects are focused on education and sustainability so whilst projects provide immediate relief we are also bringing long term change for the better.

We are experts in placing the right people in the right programmes so your skills can be utilised effectively and you will get the most out of your time with us. Whilst on the project you will be provided with 24/7 in country support from our coordinators who will ensure you become a valuable member of the team. Despite its levels of poverty, Malawi has so much to offer on its stunning shorelines and visitors are welcomed to the country that deservingly has the reputation as 'the warm heart of Africa.'

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I think the age is 18+ but you should get in touch with naturally Africa volunteers directly for that sort of information as I was just a 2 week volunteer.


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Lake Malawi Teaching and Sports Coaching

My 3 weeks volunteering in Nkope village were the most worthwhile and enjoyable experience I've had in another country. The teaching was very different from here in Ireland but the staff working for NAV really made this transition very manageable. So much so that there would be nothing stopping someone with very little teaching experience from taking part in this program. The children in the area are an absolute joy to work with and really made the trip special. There is a wonderful balance between volunteer work and seeing other areas and sights in Malawi which I was really thankful for as Malawi is such a beautiful country. The accommodation is extremely comfortable and right on the shores of the lake which provides amazing views.

Overall if you are a first time volunteer or even a veteran volunteer, this program is a wonderful opportunity to see a new country while making your own positive impact on the area. I would 100% recommend any of Naturally Africa's programs and will be looking to them for future projects.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Lake Malawi Medical Project - My Medical Elective 2018

I spent 4 weeks in Malawi volunteering with Naturally Africa Volunteers and it was everything that I hoped it would be and more. Everything from applying to landing back in the UK was organised and ran smoothly. The whole team including Marc, the team in the UK and the team in Malawi were amazing and were always on hand to help me with any questions or problems. The volunteer house was great and I felt safe and extremely well looked after throughout my whole time there.

I spent some time in Monkey Bay Community Hospital and some time volunteering on the medical projects in the community including treating people at wound clinics and teaching Home Based Care groups and HIV support groups. The medical projects were by far my favourite aspect of my volunteering. These projects are extremely important for the communities involved and I really felt that I was helping - no matter how small my contribution may have been in the grand scheme of things I knew that my work was appreciated by the patients and members of the community.

Aside from the volunteering, I had amazing weekends out in Malawi which again were organised by Naturally Africa Volunteers. Malawi is such a varied country and there are lots of things to do in your free time. Hiking and horse riding on the beautiful Zomba plateau was one of my favourite weekends and I would urge anyone volunteering in Malawi to go.

I really can't pick a favourite was the best thing I have ever done and I didn't want it to end. I'm writing the review 3 weeks after my return to the UK and I am still missing it so so much. I was so nervous beforehand and I wasn't sure how I would cope but I am so happy that I did it and I cant wait to do something similar again soon!

I honestly cannot recommend the Naturally Africa Volunteers Lake Malawi Medical Project enough. Do it! I promise you wont regret it. It was the experience of a lifetime!

Yes, I recommend this program

Malawi - Nakundu Primary School - November 2016

I could not recommend Naturally Africa Volunteers highly enough! I spent 4 weeks volunteering at Nakundu Primary School in Malawi and found it highly enjoyable and educational (for me). One of the key differences that I found with this organisation compared with others I had volunteered for was the focus on sustainability. From the training of the local villagers to create a trade for themselves to the introduction of solar and renewable energy sources. It was all tailor-made not just to help now but to ensure a volunteer’s time contributed to something permanent that would help the local community going forward. Whilst helping at the school, I went through a full cycle of teaching, revision and exams and so saw the end results of what we were learning.

Needless to say that the kids were awesome and I made friends with all of the other staff members who were very welcoming. The project team were great, Sam and Oga in particular with their patience over my below par Chichewa skills! Definitely a project that I would recommend to anyone - both a challenging and rewarding experience!

James Saout - Volunteer

Yes, I recommend this program
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So happy I found this opportunity!

One of the greatest things I took from my travel and experience with Naturally Africa Volunteers (NAV) was perspective. NAV's medical, teaching, sports, and childcare projects exposed me to the culture, people, and life throughout rural Malawi, Africa- a place and people so different from my everyday life. I am a medical student and was working on the medical project, although I felt I was able to have a hand in nearly every aspect of NAVs projects, getting to work with volunteers from all over the world. So many people in Malawi are faced with hardship I could not have imagined, but they live with a great sense of happiness, family, and faith. I can't thank NAV's staff and project managers enough for exposing me to this in a way that was comfortable and safe for volunteers. People I interacted with were welcoming and friendly and the kids are so fun to be around, Malawi is truly the warm heart of Africa. I also had an amazing time traveling on weekends throughout the country with other volunteers safely and affordably- we spent time on beaches of lake Malawi, hiking, and on safari. We returned after every weekend ready to work on the projects which was absolutely the most fulfilling aspect of my trip and why I was there to begin with. So happy I made the decision to volunteer with NAV, I returned a year after my first trip for a second time to volunteer, returning to familiar faces, and I plan to return again. Both times returning home with a better perspective on life.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Teaching in a rural pre-school - creative curriculum project

My time in Malawi flew by, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wish I could have stayed for longer. The people are so kind and friendly and it has been a wonderful experience to discover their culture and enjoy their fantastic country. It was truly special to meet the wonderful children and teachers and to help them to learn in a more creative and exciting way and to see them all grow in confidence and self esteem, with all the children enjoying the activities and being engaged in their learning.
I will treasure the memories I have made and will stay in touch with the brilliant staff at NAV to find out how they are all getting on.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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So, where did you go in Malawi ?

Perfect program if you are a pre-med/med school student (don't worry, if you have no medical experience, present volunteers will be happy to show you how to dress a wound + other useful tips ! ) who wants to practice a lot of wound care (dressing big/minor wounds, assisting on burns and fungal infections), shadowing in a hospital, raise awareness on the biggest Tropical killer diseases (Malaria, HIV).
I have also developed my interpersonal skills by working in a team during the afternoon sessions with the lovely HIV support group and the lecturing sessions with the HBC group members (good for shy and non-confident speakers). It felt really rewarding to apply and share the medical knowledge I've acquired during my university years and to see the powerful impact I had on this community and on the bordering villages.
The stay at Nkope and at Mlambe cottage is lovely and you'll also have time to relax during the evening (card games and other activities with volunteers) and weekend excursions which are a lot of fun ! (scuba-diving, safari, hiking Zomba's plateau, etc)
Tips: I stayed 1 month and wish I had stayed longer (1.5 months).

Amasangalala ndi Malawi ! (Enjoy your time in Malawi !)

Yes, I recommend this program
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Nkope Medical Volunteer

I came on this project as a medical volunteer. I am a 56 year lady from New Zealand. I came with a completely open mind as I didn't quite know what to expect. I don't have a medical background like a lot of the medical students that are here, but that didn't matter. I do have some experience in adult training. There are plenty of books here to give you ideas for topics for when you teach the small groups of locals. They are always very interested in what you have to say and I have found it very rewarding. Dealing with the wound care is a very interesting aspect of the project and a basic knowledge of this would be good. All the other volunteers were old enough to be my children but that didn't matter they made me feel younger than I actually am!
Every day is different and the time just flies by. I have had great trips at the weekends to explore some beautiful areas and parks. It truly is a wonderful experience as the local people are so friendly. Next Monday when I leave will be a really sad day.
I highly recommend Naturally Africa as a rewarding experience and achance to "do your bit".

How can this program be improved?
A bit more information before you come as to what exactly will be required of you would have been helpful.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Experience of a lifetime!

This was the experience of a lifetime! It was both challenging and fun.
The project staff are so friendly and dedicated. You really get the chance to be actively involved in what is going on, in both practical ways and in the discussion of ideas. I was on the teaching project but also found it interesting to hear about what the medical volunteers were up to; it was nice that the teams socialised together. It was good to have a mix of people with different levels of experience too.

Local people seemed very welcoming of volunteer support and I believe the project has made some valuable differences to their lives (I only selected 8/10 rather than higher simply because it is hard to comment on the long-term from just one visit) as well as enriching my own life. I enjoyed the weekend trips as Malawi has such natural beauty to offer as well as the warmth of the people. There was even the opportunity to learn a little of the local language. If you are open to new experiences and being part of a team, I would definitely consider volunteering with this organisation.

How can this program be improved?
We were the first volunteers to one of the schools and there maybe could have been a meeting with project staff, school staff and volunteers prior to the first visit to the school to discuss expectations of roles- who'd be teaching what etc. But it did all fall into place once we started.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing project, amazing people, amazing country.

This project is fantastic, based in a rural village it is really making a difference to the communities around it in many different ways that they need. I was working with the medical project which consisted of wound care, HIV support groups and training home based carers. Wound care was a great way to practically help people who wouldn't get otherwise. HIV support groups were a great space for sufferers to get together and talk about what they are going through and socialise as well as learn about HIV and ask questions. The home based care groups were my favourite part of the project they were so enthusiastic and eager to learn about how to care for people in need in their village. The project staff were so supportive, always there to help or talk to and I always had a translator with me. The people I met in the community were awesome and so welcoming. Malawi is such a beautiful country and it is so lovely that the volunteers' house is on the shores of the lake. At the weekend it was great exploring the country, going to a music festival, on Safari, to uninhabited islands on the lake, horse riding in the mountains or just chilling on the beach, and the project staff were great at recommending, organising and facilitating these trips. The project staff were always happy to do social things in the evenings even things they wouldn't usually do such as a bonfire and toasting marshmallows on the beach for bonfire night and celebrating birthdays! This was the best 3 months of my life and I can't wait to go back to this amazing country!

Yes, I recommend this program


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