Wildlife Conservation Programmes in Malawi

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This laid-back country is the proud host to an unparalleled blend of clear blue waters, rolling landscapes, lush forests and abundant wildlife. The Malawian people are its greatest asset and every visitor is welcomed with a warm, genuine smile. Malawi is one of the world’s least-developed and most densely populated countries, with a per capita income of $1/ day. 85% of people live in rural areas, where wildlife poaching, the illegal bushmeat trade and exotic pet trade are rife.

Volunteers are needed in Lilongwe to rehabilitate abandoned and abused animals, and help educate and empower communities. In addition, we work with the Department of National Parks to offer research placements in two of Malawi's most stunning wildlife areas. If you are looking for a veterinary internship, shadowing one of Malawi's leading vets, we also offer this option to vet and pre-vet students.

  • Make a difference to the lives of rescued animals as you learn animal care and rehabilitation skills
  • Provide enrichment activities for animals under rehabilitation; learn how about animal integrations and help with wildlife releases
  • Work alongside leading vets as you help treat sick, injured and abused animals
  • Join one of our research placements, focusing on wild elephants, primate research and conservation medicine
  • Live in Malawi, 'the warm heart of Africa' and take the opportunity to visit the famous 'Lake of Stars'

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