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Conservation Travel Africa provide meaningful and responsible volunteer programmes, focusing on wildlife conservation and education. From our base in Southern Africa we are ideally placed to coordinate your volunteer experience.

We have chosen our project partners carefully and focus on supporting work which is already being done on the ground, rather than setting up new projects solely for the benefit of volunteers. Our volunteers can be sure that they are really contributing where help is needed most.

Whether you are looking to volunteer on your gap year, university or school holiday, if you are on a career break, or if you are an older volunteer looking for a new challenge, we have a programme to suit every budget and taste.

Volunteer with Conservation Travel Africa and experience Real Africa!


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Was the most important thing I 've ever done! Being in touch with the nature 24hs a day...having the opportunity to live so close with the animals...listening to the birds every morning while I wake up...watching animal freedom....for me was the best thing I decided to do in my hole life! I will recommend everybody to do once in the life time. I will never forget all the love and family simphathy I received from the owners during the time I spend in the beautiful volunteer house. And also inviting us to celebrate Christmas with them! I will visit Imire a million times again!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend
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This trip was far better than i'd even imagined. I was very worried when I set out on this program that I may have built it up to be more than it was in my head but it was so much better.

The program was so hands on and everything was so flexible. Judy is an amazing person and it was so nice to chat to her for all the hours we spent in the saddle. I loved pretending to be a cowgirl rounding up all the cattle and riding the elephants across the bush. There was such a mixture of wild life and it was great getting to know all the names of the different antelope both in English and Shona.

All the staff who work there are very friendly and approachable, especially Bright! If you go make sure you in their summer make sure you get a chance to camp out under the stars after a trip up to the kopje. One of my favourite things was the outdoor solar showers. I never thought id say that but there was no better way to end a long day working hard caring for the animals, rounding up cows and chopping down jacaranda trees than showering outside watching the sun set over the lake (other than maybe with an ice cold Savannah cider after). I Absolutely loved it and I can't wait to go back again.

How can this program be improved?
Have someone remind me to take more pictures!
Yes, I recommend
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My time on this project was absolutely fantastic – words cannot describe it! The people there was so kind to me, and I felt very good from day one – they were always very helpful if I needed help or had any kind of problems. I really appreciated that! I think the accommodation was very good! I had my own room with shower and toilet!

I had the chance to be a part of the veterinary work by assisting the vet at the “Wednesday Veterinary Clinic” where I had the change to assist vaccinate and help feeding dogs from the local villages. The experience of seeing how happy people were for us to take care of their dog was amazing. I also liked driving in the bush and helping people with their animals. And being a part of The 24 hour Veterinary hospital was for sure interesting! I took part in a lot of veterinary work which i preferred because i an a Vet student.

Sarah, who runs the project, was a very inspiring person! It was very easy to tell how much she loved all the animals and she gave all she possible could to make the animals lives amazing.

I will give all my very best wishes to Sarah, Vin and the rest of the amazing staff for their beautiful work. I cannot wait to get back, and I can absolutely recommend this to anybody else who has a passion for taking care of animals.

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1. When you travel internationally it is always nice to make new friends. When you travel to Imire you make friends for life and they become your family away from home.

2. You get more interaction with elephants and rhinos than people who spend thousands on safaris. You also feel like you can really make a difference by being a volunteer.

3. Imire really cares and values their volunteers. The Imire team goes out of their way to not only accommodate the needs of their volunteers but goes above and beyond - way above and beyond and removes any stress and makes you happy!

4. The food is good with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. I felt very safe.

6. The people at Imire are amazing! Imire is blessed to have such a wonderful team. I have so many wonderful things to say about Mike, Bright, Mr Brown, the elephant handlers, Jane on pre-trip help. I am so thankful for Mike as our house host - he was perfect. He really makes the experience great for all the volunteers.

I have travelled to 35 counties and this is the first place I want to go again and again. It tops Thailand and Australia and that is hard to do!

How can this program be improved?
Disclose the extra costs in the pack and add work gloves to the packing list!
Yes, I recommend
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Working at the school was great, particularly dishing out porridge and painting the mural. Watching the schoolchildren dancing was a highlight - their sense of rhythm and enjoyment are infectious!

The daily game drives were always a source of great excitement and walking through the bush was always a real thrill.

This was an absolutely life-changing experience for our children, thank you for giving them the opportunity to experience this programme!

How can this program be improved?
It would be great to have a welcome pack with a basic map of the area and tips for coping in the environment (e.g. wear shoes, keep hydrated etc).
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