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Me with the baby who was named after me, at Baby Sarah's baptism.
Me with one of the adult singers for UBONGO Kids after I helped her with English lyric pronunciation.


At we believe it is vital to close the talent gap the world is facing today -- and we know you can help. In order to empower you, our platform matches you to places you can volunteer your real skills: We call it Experteering.

As a member at, you can find free volunteer projects across the world that might even give you a free place to live in exchange for your skills. If you cannot find the perfect project for you, our matching team at will work with you to find a project through our outstanding partner network.

By joining, you can be a part of a youth mentorship and empowerment team in Kenya, become an early childhood educational specialist teacher in Uganda, or teach business english for the tourism sector in Colombia. Whichever project you decide to embark on, MovingWorlds will guide you through a planning and preparation process to ensure you have a life-changing trip that is ethical, sustainable, and impactful.

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Erin Dowd
Yes, I recommend this program

First India Then Honduras

Moving Worlds is amazing! They provide connections to volunteer opportunities all over the world targeting specific skills, and they also support through online training and a comprehensive document that becomes the pre-departure conversation between the volunteer and the organization. While I can only speak for the two organizations I volunteered with, I had experiences that both benefited my career and gave me new ideas for future endeavors.

In my first placement I was the ESL coordinator at Vanavil Trust in India tasked with setting up a computer lab, training teachers in English instructional practices, working with students, and providing recommendations for improvement. Everyone I worked with cared deeply about the children in the program, and I felt safe and at home immediately. I still plan to work with them on future projects.

When I got home I didn't feel like I was done volunteering so I checked out the Moving Worlds website again to find a fantastic opportunity to further develop my skills in curriculum writing and consultation. I began working with Honduras Child Alliance. I was able to visit the project site twice and write an entire curriculum. I was then able to train volunteers and program staff and observe my project in action.

Because of Moving Worlds I have been able to extend my global network, deepen my skills, and explore a new career option.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great match, great support, great fun

As a recent retiree looking for adventure and a way to make a difference in the world, and after several unsatisfactory tries, I found MovingWorlds. Through the MovingWorlds website, I found UBONGO Kids, a start-up company in Tanzania that makes cartoons to teach kids math and science. UBONGO Kids ("Brainy Kids" in Swahili)had made the first season of episodes in Swahili, and was looking for a native English speaker to help with recording those episodes in English to reach a wider audience in Africa. UBONGO Kids turned out to be a perfect fit for me. After my initial two-month stay in 2014, I went back in 2015 and have plans to return in 2016 (after I finish a year of classes in Swahili). I like that I am working for a Tanzanian company, which controls the vision and the content of the programs, and which has a need for the skills I have.

While I was extremely lucky in finding such a good fit, MovingWorlds, acting as the catalyst, had a lot to do with making the luck happen. MovingWorlds not only provided the website with potential opportunities, but they also acted as mediator as UBONGO Kids and I negotiated our expectations for my time as an experteer. The MovingWorlds planning guide helped us both to think through the process. As a bonus, MovingWorlds sets an expectation with their clients that the host will provide some benefit. For me, this meant that UBONGO Kids provided me with a room and most meals, which allowed my travel funds to go much farther than they would have had I had to cover room and board.

What would you improve about this program?
MovingWrolds is not a single program. Any experteer's experience is going to depend on the project they ultimately pick. MovingWorlds does its best to act as mediator and guide, providing advice and expertise before, during and after the project.

I frankly don't know what would have happened had I become ill or had some other kind of emergency. MovingWorlds gave guidance before the trip about overseas health insurance, as well as common sense tips about living in a different culture, so I felt as if I would have been covered in case of emergency.