Desert Elephants in Namibia

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This project works to conserve the desert elephant population and to ensure the safety and security of local communities living alongside the herds. Join the staff in the true Namibian wilderness and see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

As a volunteer, you will work towards building vital protection walls around water sources and building alternative water points for the elephants and the areas newly released black rhinos.
Volunteers take part in exciting patrols and track the various resident herds in the area, recording movement patterns and information such as new births, deaths and other notable events such as mating. You will also participate in educating the local people on the importance of elephant conservation and work towards eliminating human-elephant conflict.

This project offers incredible sightseeing, interacting with locals and a truly intimate experience with the elephants, more so than any regular safari!

  • See the desert elephants in their natural habitat.
  • Make a tangible difference to animal conservation efforts in the country.
  • Campout beneath the African night sky.
  • Educate the locals on the importance of wildlife conservation.

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