Namibia’s natural beauty is one of the most underrated in Africa. From gorgeous seascapes to rugged mountains, from serene deserts to splendid wildlife, Namibia goes beyond your expectations. Unfortunately, with over half of its population in poverty, Namibia is one of the poorest nations in not only Africa, but the world over. There is a tremendous need for volunteers in the nation to work on a variety of projects.


Namibia is very well known for its beautiful environment. However, there is much environment related work that needs to be done in the nation and volunteers are definitely needed. As a volunteer, you will work on trail building, environmental education, and park maintenance.


Namibia has magnificent wildlife, but unfortunately, many species are at the risk of becoming endangered. Thus, there are numerous reserves for wildlife. As a wildlife, you will have numerous, diverse tasks that are sure to keep you interested and busy. They include conducting leopard and cheetah monitoring, participating in the rescue and release of leopards and cheetahs, and finally, Bushman walks, where you get to interact and learn skills from local tribes.

Volunteering Tips

Volunteer Support: If you volunteer in Namibia through an organization, they should have a support system in place where you can turn into for help and support. Your home country’s embassy or consulate can be reached in Windhoek for information and support as well.

NGOs/Nonprofits: Namibia has many volunteer organizations. Here’s a complete list of NGO's in Namibia.

Know Before You Go: English is in fact the official language of Namibia, but it is important to know that German is extensively spoken among the white population, and Afrikaans is the most popular language among the native black population. Try to learn a bit of both languages before you leave for your trip.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Namibia

As a volunteer in Namibia, you are highly recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and Rabies. For more information, visit MD Travel Health.

Tourists are often the crime of petty crime like pickpocketing in Namibia, so it is important to stay vigilant. Always try to accompany someone with you and do not carry along valuables.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we understand there is a lot of uncertainty around travel. While many programs have been canceled this summer we're all crossing our fingers that travel opens again soon. In the meantime many new online programs have emerged. While certainly not the same experience as going overseas, we think they offer the next best thing to creating a connection to the world.

Volunteer Programs in Namibia

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Edge of Africa
Community & Conservation Projects in Africa
Multiple Countries
13 reviews3 interviews

Community, Medical & Teaching: In South Africa you can assist with...

Bhubesi Pride
Volunteer and Teach Ruby Throughout Africa
Multiple Countries
6 reviews

After a hugely successful 2014 project in which we worked with 46...

College for International Co-Operation and Development
Fight for the poor throughout Africa, 21 month volunteer program - from £350
Multiple Countries
2 reviews1 interview

CICD has taken an active stand to some of the most burning issues of...

Volunteer in England, Africa and India with CICD!
Multiple Countries
2 reviews

Ready for new challenges? Then our programme is for you! CICD in...

Worldwide Experience
Worldwide Experience: Conserving Wildlife in Namibia
1 review

Take up this opportunity to contribute to conservation, rehabilitation...

Mondesa Youth Opportunities Trust
Volunteer Teachers Needed in Namibia
1 review

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is an after-school program located in the...

The Great Projects
Carnivore Conservation and Research in Namibia
1 review

It is estimated that Namibia is home to one-third of the world’s...

African Impact
Expeditions in Africa with African Impact
Multiple Countries

We believe that when you travel, you shouldn't have to compromise. If...

Volunteer Experiences in Namibia with NamIntern

NamIntern facilitates a variety of volunteer opportunities in one of...

Volunteer Abroad Namibia – Elephant Conservation

As a volunteer in this unique elephant conservation project you will...

Oyster Worldwide
Elephant Conservation Volunteering in Namibia

Become part of an inspiring elephant conservation project in the...

Volunteer Abroad Animal Welfare: Supporting Animal Projects Abroad
Multiple Countries

Helping those who don’t have a voice and contributing to the...

Volunteer Abroad Africa: Wildlife Conservation in Africa
Multiple Countries

You always wanted to experience Africa’s incredible biodiversity and...

Elephant Conservation Projects in Africa and Asia with Natucate
Multiple Countries

Giant, highly intelligent, simply breathtaking– and considered as...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I volunteer in Africa?
    The top 10 countries to volunteer in Africa in 2020 are Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique. However, you can find volunteer opportunities in over 25+ African countries on Go Overseas.
  • Why volunteer in Africa?

    There are many reasons to volunteer in Africa: to make a positive impact, to help protect wildlife, to have the opportunity to travel around beautiful countries before or after your volunteer trip, to experience rich and welcoming cultures different than your own, to enjoy a slower lifestyle, and to stand out during a future job search. Africa has a lot of diverse volunteer opportunities in various industries.

What People Are Saying


Once in a lifetime opp to work so closely with elephants. Found the social scene a little lacking. Great for someone looking for a purposeful trip with a bit of peace and quiet. Variety of...

Afternoon maths class

Our trip began with a long journey to Knysna South Africa. Upon arriving we were greeted by our friendly and excited co-ordinators! This was the best welcome we needed after our long trip. We hopped...

Teaching kids how to read

Being in CICD was the best choice I have ever made in my life! I got to know people from all around the World, made friends for life and had an amazing experience in Africa that I wont ever forget. My...

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