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The Basic package includes 4 Weeks of Volunteering. Every project can be extended and has different rates for extension weeks. You will find them at our homepage. Please note: prices may vary slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations!
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Dec 07, 2021
May 23, 2022
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About Program

Adventure Nepal: the small independent country often called "roof of the world" inspires with an enormous and worldwide unique biodiversity of flora and fauna. Besides the impressive millennia-old history, something else attracts thousands of visitors: Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world.

Nepal is located between China, Tibet and India. Influences of these cultures make the streets of Nepal so colorful and diverse. The east of the country is cool and snowy, it gets warmer in the midlands around the capital Kathmandu. In the south lies the Terai, Nepal's deep green fertile lowlands with the famous Chitwan National Park.

The RGV projects are dedicated to social work with children and people with disabilities. The focus is also on environmental and animal protection as in our tiger project and the paper recycling project. However, if you have previous medical experience you can also work in a neurology center, for example.

This program is currently not being promoted on Go Overseas by its provider. Check with Rainbow Garden Village (RGV) for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of this program.

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Program Highlights

  • Explore Nepal with its colorful prayer flags, world's highest peaks and hospitable people
  • Get individual advice and help with the organization of your entire stay
  • Accommodation and part of the meals are included
  • Receive a T-shirt from the project and an internship certificate for your resume
  • Combine 2 or more projects if you want to try different things and book an optional language course or additional excursions! Get involved in various projects for environmental and animal protection, social work or in the medical field

Popular Programs

Environmental and Animal Protection Nepal

Volunteer in a nature reserve in Nepal for the protection of endangered species! Get involved in species conservation in Nepal! While volunteering, you will be involved in a project for the conservation of rare species and nature. Help the organization monitor the forest, release rescued animals into the wild, and educate visitors and residents.

Volunteering in the Tiger Project in Nepal

Get involved as a Wildlife Volunteer for the protection of species in Nepal! Bengal tigers are highly endangered in Nepal. Conflicts with local farmers often lead to the shooting of the tigers. Get involved as a wildlife volunteer here on the edge of Chitwan National Park and help to secure their habitat and their survival!

Volunteering at the Neurology Center Nepal

Support the professionals on site in Kathmandu! Get an insight into the different departments of a Nepalese neurology center during your volunteer work. You will accompany the medical staff on site and take over different tasks depending on your previous knowledge. Volunteering in this field is only possible with an advanced or completed medical degree. It is also important that you have a certain flexibility and are not afraid of challenges.

Community Library Volunteer Nepal

Support a Community Library in Chitwan National Park! Motivate visitors to read, support them with computer work and organize exciting events. Open a window to the world for children in Nepal, because education is the key to the future!

Teach Children at School in Nepal

Help a school in Nepal with your active support! In this project you have the chance to teach at an elementary school. Bring learning and movement games to Nepal, because this makes the lessons more entertaining and exciting. Through your support as an assistant teacher, the students can be individually supervised.

Volunteering for Environmental Protection Nepal

Volunteer for nature and environment in Nepal through education and garbage collection. In this project, you will be involved in garbage collection campaigns and the provision of alternative disposal options. The aim of your commitment is to make the waste situation in Nepal more environmentally friendly in the long term. You also help to educate the population in order to create sustainable awareness.

Paper Recycling Volunteer Project Nepal

Paper making from elephant dung - make creative paper products by hand! Volunteer for a creative project and make environmentally friendly paper products. You will be involved in all steps of the production and processing. You will have the opportunity to contribute your own ideas and help to protect the environment actively and sustainably.

People with Special Needs in Nepal

Take care of people with disabilities in Nepal and help them to have a more comfortable everyday life! While working in the care of people with disabilities, you will be involved in a specialized institution. You will accompany the residents in their everyday life, assist them in their lessons and take part in their leisure activities. Your own creative ideas and activities are always welcome!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Field report on my volunteer work at the paper mill in Nepal

My time as RGV Volunteer in Asia
I made my decision to travel to Nepal at the beginning of my studies, when I was thinking about what I could do during my first semester break. I wanted to travel, but I also wanted to do something meaningful and get to know a foreign culture better. I chose Nepal because I was excited to discover a new continent and the project at the elephant dung paper mill sounded very interesting.

My journey to Nepal
Hot, colorful, crowded and impressive. That's how I would describe my first impressions of the capital, Kathmandu. After going through the visa process and also picking up my suitcase after a long time of waiting, I met a RGV employee outside the airport holding up a sign with my name on it. It went directly off, into the city traffic of Katmandu. The streets were crowded, everyone was honking incessantly, and as I looked out the window I could see monkeys, cows, and countless mopeds.

My work in the project in Chitwan
At the beginning, the other volunteers showed me the surroundings and the hotel, so I quickly found my way around by myself. The next day I started working in the "Elephantdung Paper Shop & Museum". We worked from Sunday to Friday, since Saturday is the only weekend. Our main task was to paint the different paper products. There are books in different sizes, pen cups, postcards and picture frames - which are then all sold to tourists. After a few weeks, we were given the task to go out in the mornings and evenings with a vendor's tray and sell at the bus stop and at Sunset Point (a popular point for tourists) to increase the income. We attracted a lot of attention, were partly photographed, often approached and constantly looked at.
At work, we could get a good impression of the mentality of the Nepali people, who see everything much more relaxed and laid back. We volunteers opened the store in the morning and started to work, the other employees appeared only 1-2 hours later and sometimes not at all. I could not see a duty roster or structure of work distribution.

Festivals and holidays in Nepal
During my 5 weeks in Sauraha I had the chance to experience many festivities. There are altogether much more holidays than in Germany, almost every week something is celebrated. On my first day there was a food festival where I ate a Nepalese veggie burger and saw elephants for the first time: 5 at once! Later there was a holiday in honor of the goddess Shiva, International Women's Day and the Holi Festival. The latter was especially nice to experience. Over two days, festivities took place. A water and color battle was held at the hotel with loud music, with staff, volunteers, guests and anyone else who wanted to join in. Also in town everyone wished you "Happy Holi" and everyone danced in the streets and celebrated.
On another weekend, we were allowed to go to a wedding. This was a very interesting experience. We were served tons of food and then danced outside all evening to loud music. It was a lot of fun because everyone was very open and we just all danced together.

Everyday life and my free time
After a few days of settling in, everyday life quickly returned. In the mornings, the volunteers had breakfast together in the hotel, where we could make our own toast and sometimes, when there were many guests, we were lucky enough to eat buffet breakfast. During our lunch break, we usually ate Dal Bhat. Some days we would go to our "regular" place, a small food stall whose nice owner knew us all. There we had samosas, chow mein (fried noodles with vegetables) and momos (steamed dumplings with vegetable filling and sauce).
In the afternoons we often went for walks, away from the tourist center and towards the smaller villages where there was a lot to see. We often did small errands, bought fruit or strolled through the small stores in Sauraha.
On the weekends, we volunteers usually did something together. I did a jeep safari into the jungle and a jungle walk. You could see rhinos, deer, crocodiles, wild boars, peacocks and many other birds. Also a canoe trip on the river which is the border to the national park was very interesting and a relaxing nature experience.

My conclusion about my time in Nepal
All in all, I was very enthusiastic about the country Nepal with its culture, its landscape and its people. The mentality is hospitable, open, relaxed, helpful and you always feel welcome. In general, I had the feeling that the Nepali people are always happy and friendly and infect you with it. The joy of life and living in the moment is something that greatly enriched the stay in Nepal. The time in Nepal was never boring, because there was always something to do and there were many different opportunities to do something and get to know the country.

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