Whale Conservation In The Azores

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This project provides you with the unique chance to see countless species of whale in their natural habitat, from breaching humpbacks, stunning fin and sei whales, right through to the enormous blue whale, renowned for being the biggest animal known to exist on both land and sea. You may also see dancing dolphins and so much more as you assist with the project's responsible whale watching operation.

This project combines this touristic expedition with whale conservation research to contribute to providing these cetacean mammals with a sustainable future. By volunteering on this project, you will assist with responsible whale encounters that support the fascinating philosophy of marine conservation research.

You will help with taking photographs to identify species encountered. monitor the animals' behaviour, work with tourists and analyse any data gathered. This project is truly an unforgettable experience, so secure your spot to volunteer with whales today!

  • Encounter Countless Whales In Their Natural Environment.
  • Aid whale and dolphin conservation in the beautiful Azores islands.
  • Get some incredible photographs!
  • Gain valuable marine knowledge.

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Hi Lowri! There is a minimum Age 18 Or 12 With An Adult!


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