Baikal Ecotourism Development Program

1 to 2 weeks
18 - 50 years
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About This Program

Take up an adventure now and travel to the Great Baikal Lake found in Russia and become a volunteer who works along an amazing team and worthwhile cause at our Baikal Ecotourism Development Program!

It is important to remember that the project’s main goal is to develop ecotourism and the cultivation of a socially responsible society through the aid garnered from local and International volunteers & Educational Projects. It was designed with a focus on building the very first system of environmentally sensitive trails in all of Russia. They also strive towards raising awareness and/or ecological education through various workshops and programs. Be blown away by this unique opportunity and gain the satisfaction that comes from working in a great environment with an amazing team! Join us now on this adventure of a lifetime!


  • Unique opportunity of working alongside local and international volunteers!
  • Help with the daily activities.
  • Expand your knowledge on Ecotourism.
  • Amazing opportunity to explore Lake Baikal and all it has to offer!

Each GBT trail-building project is two weeks long. At the project camp, volunteers sleep in tents and prepare meals together over a central campfire. During the workday, volunteers might clear the way for a new trail, improve an existing trail, or build a campground or other structure, making sure that each trail is clean and up to standards. Each project description (below) includes specific tasks listed in detail.

During the interim weekend and on other free days of a project, volunteers might enjoy hikes, or trips to local sites and museums. These outings, and the projects themselves, are led by our crew leaders. Our leaders are trained in the design and construction of trails and the creation of backcountry campsites. Each group also will have a translator, a GBT staff person who not only ensures that the Russian and international volunteers can enjoy each other’s conversations, but is also responsible for the project’s cultural and entertainment programs. The two official languages on our projects are English and Russian.

What's Included
Airport Transfers
What's Not Included
Domestic Airfare
SIM cards
Travel Insurance

All hot food is prepared over a campfire! All food and water needed for your project is supplied for you.

Typical foods are: Grains and cereals, canned or preserved items, pasta, ready-made soups from packages, vegetables, fruits

Drinks: Tea (both herbal and black), instant coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juices and compote
Snacks: Candies and chocolate, jams and jellies, halva, crackers and cookies, croutons
Bread: Whole grain, dark, white, Russian rye, and large baguettes

Since Volunteers will be involved in projects along Lake Baikal in the Taiga forest, they will be spending their 2 weeks camping. The Project will provide camping and cooking gears.

Becoming a volunteer at this project not only has benefits for the program but for you as an individual as well. Volunteering is an opportunity to share your time, talents, and abilities as an invaluable member of the team. It’s your opportunity to invest in our collective future, and share in our efforts to protect our environment through the construction of a system of Eco-trails around the deepest and oldest lake in the world!



One Week
$1195 USD
Two Weeks
$1695 USD
Three Weeks
$2195 USD
Four Weeks
$2695 USD


Russian Ruble
35 F / 16 F
68 F / 38 F
73 F / 47 F
47 F / 21 F
Sheremetyevo International Airport
( SVO )

Russia is the largest country in the world, accounting for around an eighth of the worlds inhabitable land. Russia has had a bad reputation for a while, but when you go you will notice that feels more European than you might think and has a very similar value system.

Hosted by Fronteering

Fronteering specializes in arranging unique volunteer experiences in places less visited and unspoiled. Our volunteer projects take place in some of the last frontiers and wildernesses of this world: From the Canadian Artctic where you get the opportunity to volunteer with huskies and go dog sledding to the Amazon rainforest where you will live...


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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering Russia

Together with my friend I traveled to Russia to volunteer at the Lake Baikal Conservation project. When my friend first told me about this program I had no idea where it was, even more I never heard about Lake Baikal before. Even though I always wanted to travel Russia and this was a great experience.

Being so isolated and so far away from the normal world was really cool and interesting. It also meant that we made a lot of friends and even if I had travelled alone I would have still had a great time.

Lake Baikal is really nice and a beautiful place, There is nice wildlife to see everyone and the Vistas are amazing. The volunteering team is also great and helps you along the way.

I also want to Thank Fronteering, my coordinator Yusuf was really nice and helpful.

What would you improve about this program?
I wish we could have stayed longer as I really did not want to leave
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Yes, I recommend this program

Lake Baikal conservation

When I saw this opportunity I knew I had to do this! Lake Baikal has always been such a Magnificent place to me but also kind of unreachable! That was until I saw this program. Thanks Fronteering we for making this possible and making the arrangements.

We had a great group and a great time and I have made so many friends and Memories. I do have to say that the group I suppose can really make or break your stay.

For those who don't know Lake Baikal! Calling it just a lake doesn't do it justice. It is more of a freshwater Ocean including seals! I really like the effort of this program to help set up sustainable tourism as well as conservation works to keep the lake as beautiful and untouched as it is!

I can really recommend this program and I hope it will draw more interests as it is much worth it!

What would you improve about this program?
A bit more clarity about what a regular day looks like.


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