Most affordable programs in South Africa from $460 for 2 weeks!
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Most affordable programs in South Africa from $460 for 2 weeks!

Iko Poran offer exciting, safe and affordable volunteer programs all over South Africa. Our variety of programs includes from learning the pure joy of surfing and helping children reach their dreams or caring gorgeous little kids in a township in beautiful Cape Town, to working with endangered wildlife in an animal sanctuary near Port Elizabeth, or working with monkeys near Tzaneen, and living the Lion and Rhino experience near Johannesburg, there are hundreds of reasons to visit this superb destination. South Africa is rich in culture, fauna & flora and history. It is a beautiful country with an incredible range of climates, widely varying landscapes, rich culture, wildlife and wilderness.

Available all year round:
- Start dates every Monday of the month;
- World's most affordable fees!
- Iko Poran is the only international volunteer organization based in a developing country. It is a volunteer organization that works with volunteer organizations.

  • Volunteerism should not be expensive for the ones with good hearts that want to lend a hand;
  • The only international volunteer organization based in a developing country that also runs its own developing projects. Most of other providers are profit-oriented traveling companies based in First World nations;
  • Most affordable registration and program fees, starting at $395 for 2 weeks; no transfer fees on top;
  • Volunteers receive an orientation upon arrival;
  • We are not targeting any surplus revenues. All money charged is used to further achieve our mission and contribute to our local programs!
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Program fee varies according to the duration and includes:
Airport pickup, orientation, accommodation is included in all projects and meals are included in most of them (please check the description of your chosen program), support from the local staff, program supervision, in-country 24/7 support throughout your program, in-country administration costs and donation to support local projects.
Registration Fee is US$ 199 and includes:
Marketing costs, pre and post placement support from our staff, a complete country information guide, volunteer training booklet, detailed information about the program, administration costs, travel costs to run inspection visits in all locations, communication costs, and office staff.
Extra costs are the costs to prepare for your trip and leisure activities when in country.
Volunteers are responsible for their own flights, visas, travel insurance and vaccinations (if necessary).

Volunteers in South African program find US$100 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses in the community.

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The best experiences of my life

On November of 2017 I had one of the best experiences of my life doing volunteer work with children in Masiphumelele Township, South Africa. The purpose was to help, but it was much beyond that. I had a life lesson, a very great personal growth. Everyday in the morning, when we arrived at crèche (me and the other volunteers), the children were waiting for us with a smile on their faces. Receiving those smiles, hugs, and kisses every morning was the best way to start the day. Playing, teaching a few words in English, helping in the distribution of snacks, it was a better way to brighten their lives because they need more love, affection and care. They need us!
I am very thankful to Iko Poran for the whole experience. They were always there from airport pick-up to accommodation, showing me the way and placing me at the project. It was unique experience without a doubt! My thanks to everybody who is part of this organization that has been helping all who need it.

Yes, I recommend

South Africa

Translation: Had a great Time! One of the best experiences ever! Every minute worth it!!! It wouldn't be possible without Iko. Thank you for the support and for the pre program manuals. It was about one of the greatest adventures, and I ended up getting more then I was giving. All the smiles, all the sincere “Thank you teacher”, all those hugs were worth every second.

E para quem fala português, aqui deixo ficar

Porque no final, acabei por receber o triplo daquilo que dei.
Cada um daqueles sorrisos, cada um daqueles abraços fizeram valer cada segundo daquele lado. Aprendi que a simplicidade e a humildade são qualidades que fazem as pessoas lindas , e estes pequenos são tão ricos nisso que me fizerem sentir ridícula quando penso que tenho problemas na vida, bullshit... São pequenos adultos que irradiam amor pelo olhar e que aquecem a alma com um sorriso e talvez por isso vá sentir saudades...
❤️❤️❤️ @ Masiphumelele

Yes, I recommend

The Most amazing experience

Travelling to South Africa as a volunteer was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. Felipe and Allie were very nice since the beginning of the process. They were very supportive. They accomplish what they promise.

Teaching in Doreen was the best experience I've has as an English teacher. You learn a lot from the kids. Everyone at creche is so nice to you.
If I could give anyone's advice I would say: Be a volunteer in South Africa. It´s worth it.

Yes, I recommend

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Iko Poran is the only Volunteer Abroad organization based in a developing country respectively in a destination country, and also, Iko Poran is the only one that runs its own projects. We have 14 years experience and have received and coordinated thousands of volunteers.