Homeless Population Volunteering in Barcelona

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Volunteering with Arrels means getting to know the reality of homeless people in Barcelona.

If you’re in Barcelona for six months or more and want to do some volunteering, we are the outlet for you. Our only requirement is you to speak some Spanish so that the communication with the people attended is more fluent. If you’re here for less than 6 months but you want to make a proposal, go ahead! We also offer the possibility to do summer volunteering, during July, August and September.

We are an entity where everybody collaborates. Homeless people provide knowledge through their experience and critical view, the volunteers team makes it possible to rebuild bonds with the most vulnerable people and the professionals add their technical skills and the continuity of the processes.

  • Influence the improvement of specific laws and social policies
  • Make an impact on social policies
  • Establish agreements and relationships with other entities

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