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Group Shot on the Stairs!
Group Shot on the Stairs!


Vaughan Town, the largest English language firm in Spain, invites volunteers to spend six days in Spain in a unique cultural exchange program between English natives and Spanish professionals in a fun language-learning experience. The program is typically composed of 15 Spaniards and 15 native English speakers who together spend a week sharing long conversations, participating in skits, theater, games and outdoor activities. For many people this is a great way to learn more about Spanish culture and language while sharing a little of your own background.

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They supply both the housing and all of your meals.


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No, I don't recommend this program


This was the second time I volunteered for the programme and I was highly disappointed. I feel the programme is now a purely commercialized venture at the expenxe of volunteers and spaniards and is not good value for money for both parties. It appears that the ethos is one size fits all. I belive no consideration has been given to the different social and professional levels of participants. I was also surprised that the teachers are not as qualified as they should be. I.have recommend ed the programme to friend s and colleagues and feel guilty now as I myself would not consider repeating the experience.k

What would you improve about this program?
A full review is required of programme and facilities offered
Yes, I recommend this program

A wonderful way to meet Spaniards

This is one of the best ways we have seen for Spaniards to learn English. The daily one on one conversations enable you to get to know the Spanish and their culture very well. The work can be tiring since you are "on" all day and into the evening, but at the same time you will enjoy it. Attending the course can also be interesting as the locations are often in unusual sites. We also found that the other "anglos" were a fascinating group and that they were mature free spirits, some of whom had participated in these courses several times before.
There are often skits and group activities more designed as team building rather than learning experiences, so be prepared to have to act silly and laugh at yourself and others. It is wonderful to see the Spaniards gain confidence and improve their facility with the language.

What would you improve about this program?
Much of it depends on who attends and the quality of the master of ceremonies and the director. We were lucky to have two people who were caring and experienced. Our hotel was unique and very pleasant but the rooms had absolutely no soundproofing, but this is a chance you take.
We can't think of anything we would change.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching Conversational English in Total Immersion Resorts in Spain

I've taught with Vaughn Systems several times. I don't have to speak a word of Spanish as it is not allowed once we have arrived at our destination. Just a week of food, fellowship, activities such as skits, walking, visiting old walled cities or the countryside conversing with professional people who already speak English, but wish to "polish" their skills with native English speakers from around the globe.
I've meet volunteers who love to travel like myself who also give pointers on places to go. It's great fun & great staff, very interesting venues and a cultural experience wherein I can spend a week in a country getting to know its people up close and personal at only the cost of my airline ticket.