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Starting Price
Price Details
The price is 150€ per week.
-Three meals per day
-2 bottles of water per day
-Laundry service
-Airport pick up and drop-off
-Transport to the project
Not Included:
- Volunteer Visa
- Lunch during weekends
- Excursions (all are optional)
- Medical Insurance
- Flight Tickets
Apr 23, 2018
Oct 13, 2016
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About Program

At Born to Learn we encourage participation in our community projects. This creates a global humanitarian network.

The projects are developed in a small community of 7,000 people located in Newland, Moshi.
This volunteer participates in projects developed specifically to be carried out in a short period of time. The volunteer’s experience in this context includes overall learning about the environment of the project: the culture, the history, and social issues. The work carried out has an impact on the community, but the volunteer generally learns more than the beneficiary.

- Construction: Collaborate in the construction of the Born to Learn school and clinic with our student’s parents
- Classroom assistance in certain classes. Activities such as music, maths , English, art, drama and sports
- Nursery: Collaborate with the women in the nursery taking care of the babies and young children.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My little piece of Africa

Well, first of all i have to say that i'm not good at sharing this things but this program deserve.
What have impressed me the most of my adventure in Tanzania, was the lifestyle they had before BTL (Born To Learn) came and improve their lifes and how they apreciate that and show u, with all their souls, what are real problems and real matters.
They have changed my life and my mind so i have to say to this volunteer program a huge and sincere: THANKS

What would you improve about this program?
It's perfect
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Yes, I recommend this program


¡It was truly a unique experience! I have had the opportunity to know a new culture and new people. I learned a lot about how to work in team and how to be compromised with a project. It is a project based on the education field but there are now new projects to beneficit the whole community so this is a non-stop and we are all the volunteers proud of the work done. We have to continue with this work in order to achieve all our objectives for the community.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An engaging NGO

More than two months have gone by and my mind is still there. Once you get to know Tanzania there is no way out.. you will always come back. I remember the journey back to the airport when we were leaving. One of the volunteers asked how would we describe the experience in one word. My word was happy. Nothing has ever made me as happy as the time I spent in Tanzania. I dream about working with children in the future and BTL remind it me why it is.
Volunteers stay at Karibu Hostel, which is the word in swahili for "welcome" and it is really what it does: it welcomes you to Africa, to Tanzania and to BTL and its school. It has a way of making everyone feel at home and we have each other to lean on and enjoy our time there. You soon realise you were meant to meet those people. It's not about sharing a home for one or two months.. it's everything that comes later on. Because BTL doesn't end in Tanzania. During the year there are many things as important that can be done from our home country: committees, fundraising, getting people to know us etc. You can get involved in any way and come up with new ideas.
Don't be afraid if you don't have experience in teaching or construction, none of us did and we did just fine. Everyone is fit for BTL if you are willing to help. More important than what you are is what you can become.

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Yes, I recommend this program

You'll have this "problem"

I would recommend you this program if you are disposed to face this “problem”. This “problem” arrived when, I came back from Tanzania after having spent a month discovering such a different culture, a different country, helping in the school and playing with the kids with such an amazing people who were there with me as volunteers. At Karibu Hostel (where volunteers live) you will feel like at home, you will be always doing something and you’ll have a lot of fun. Then I arrived to Madrid after had experienced the best month of my life and I get bored being on facebook, watching a series or with anything that could be fun for me a few months earlier. You'll be thinking all the time about the next time that you will be able to experience that again.

There are many NGOs offering good programs according to the activities that I have already mentioned so you could ask me: “Why should I choose Born To Learn?”. Easy, BTL is not like other NGOs, it’s an NGO managed in mostly by students or teens so it’s really pure. The volunteers participate in all the process (raising money, building the school or teaching in the classroom) and the NGO gives you responsibilities, trust in you.

To conclude, if you want to do a voluntary work, even if you are not experienced, you might choose BTL. Also when you’ll come back from Tanzania, you will want to keep working with the NGO and keep helping. So don’t hesitate and join us!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

It was only the begin...

It was three years ago when the best cycle of my life started. I have spent 3 summers (5 month in total) with Born to Learn and I really think that is one of the best decision I had in my life.

BTL is not only a NGO, it is also a family. I really have enjoyed lot of moments with many volunteers and we have get amazing things all toguether. When I started volunteering in this proyect I realised how I would like to do in my hole life. My dream is to be a doctor, work in international cooperation. Born to Learn gave me the oportunity to make me sure that I will good for my personal future proyect.

Now I am 20 years old and I am studing Medicine. The experiences that I have lived in Tanzania are impossible to describe. I know I will be come back many times in the future (and I really hope as a doctor).

Born to Learn was only the begin of how I want the rest of my life. We used to love our family, our friends, our career...I also love Born to Learn and it is a huge important part of my life now each day of the year.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Bon to learn

Working with this fantastic ONG, actually is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done un my life. Its a serius, familiar and clear organization, and in my opinion those three things are really important; not only to get your faith in the project, but also to make your stay there, working and living the adventure of born to learn.

About my own experience, it's everything said if I just tell all of you that I have only been as happy as working there, once in my life. The smile of each child is like the energy you need to feel alive. Born to learn has tought me a lot of things. It has showed me Tanzania and its people, the way they live and they think, and also the way un which I have to change my mind. It has showed me what is life about, because in the end everyting is about love and happiness. And this NGO has made me, and Its still making me so much happy.

I enjoy working with this organization and I want you to join us!
If the cooperation is the requirement of your plan and Africa is your dream, this is your family, this is your NGO. We are waiting for you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience

I feel so lucky that i ve been able to spent two summers in Born to Learn in Tanzania. It has helped me a lot, it is the perfect way to get to know Africa. Since the very first day i arrived to Tanzania i feelt like at home, the ONG does a great job looking after all the volunteers.

The experience was so real that most of the summer volunteers keep working with the ONG when the come back to their homes. There is a lot of work that must be done, dont think it twice, they are waiting for you!!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable and totally satisfying experience

If you are searching a way for helping people and living new rewarding experiences, this is your place!
I have been this summer with Born to Learn, and I was shocked at first with the huge progress that they have made in only one year of school.
Working with children is, undoubtedly, the best thing I have made. When you are contributing to their smiles, you feel self-satisfied and proud because you are having a positive impact on the others, even if they come from a totally different culture, way of life, or even they do not speak your language.
We also worked in the building of the sports center as well as painting the walls and doors of the school. It is a tough task but you realize how much it costs to build something and, after your work, you appreciate better the value of the things.
Tanzania is a safe and wonderful country. I did not have any security problem neither my friends during all the month.
Besides working, there are different activities such as organized trips which I totally recommend and also we had free afternoons for visiting the city, Moshi, or for resting in the hostel.
The facilities are excellent; we may even enjoy the swimming pool or the volleyball pitch.
In summary, I do totally recommend this trip, at least you have to do it once.
Do not be afraid of health problems, insecurity or clash with the other culture because that area is full of tourists and they treat you like at home, specially in Born to Learn.
Be brave and come with us, or if not you can always help by different ways.
Born to Learn is also Building True Love among African people and connecting us with them, which is essential in the globalized period that we are living. Our project is ambitious, your support may change our dreams into reality.

I will be grateful if you have some questions!

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