• Tanzania
    • Zanzibar
    • Kilimanjaro
    • Dar es Salaam
2 to 3 weeks
Merit-based funding, General grants/scholarships, Payment plans
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Short Term Summer Winter
Guesthouse Lodge
Small Group (1-15) Medium Group (16-30) Large Group (31+)
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-All accommodations
-Group and ground transportation, including airport pick up and drop off
-All meals and drinking water
-Epic adventures and cultural immersion activities
-Funding toward volunteer projects
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Oct 23, 2023
Sep 19, 2023
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About Program

GIVE’s Tanzania Program takes you from the tropical paradise of Zanzibar Island to the wild plains of mainland Tanzania. Work with the community to build addition classrooms for the first school ever in the community of Kairo, teach English lessons to students of all ages, and support the Tengeru Women’s Co-op. Experience the ultimate adventure swimming with wild dolphins in the Indian Ocean, sail over turquoise waters, snorkel above coral reefs and experience an overnight safari through the African savannah.

If you want the ultimate adventure, extend your trip and climb Mount Kilimanjaro with our fellow group members! We also offer an optional academic course with our optional Eco-tourism course.

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GIVE's mission is to inspire growth, empower global citizens, and ignite sustainable change worldwide. To truly inspire growth and achieve sustainable travel internationally, GIVE has adopted the Asset-based community development (ABCD) model, a set of proven best practices in sustainable development that mobilizes a community’s assets and resources as the basis for development. Furthermore, through providing hands-on and eye-opening learning experiences that foster authentic connections between participants and host community members, we can empower global citizens who will continue to spread GIVE’s values and ignite sustainable change worldwide.

Ethical Impact

Exploring the world with GIVE is all about responsible travel, but what does that really mean?
Mindful Tourism + Community Partnership = Economic Growth & Community Empowerment.

Part of what makes GIVE trips so special is being fully immersed in the cultures and communities we visit. However, we take extra steps to ensure we minimize our influence and always respect local cultures. We prepare all participants before travel and ensure they understand the culture and how to dress appropriately.

Program Highlights

  • Build a primary and secondary school for community of Kairo
  • See wild lions, elephants, and giraffes on safari
  • English education
  • Swim with wild dolphins in the Indian Ocean
  • Empower local women and learn about their co-op

Program Reviews

4.98 Rating
based on 64 reviews
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  • Impact 5
  • Support 5
  • Fun 5
  • Value 4.85
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing Experience - Best weeks of my life!

I left for Tanzania three days after graduating from high school. Entering the classroom for the first time, I felt timid and under qualified to be teaching a group of adults. Instead, I was greeted with the most authentic and joyful people I've ever met. Their pure enthusiasm to learn lifted me up in the constant smiles and laughter and I was eager to come to class each morning. We were there to teach them, but in the end I learned more from the people of Kairo than I could ever learn in a classroom.
Most important to me was how GIVE engaged with the community and included locals in the work and highly valued their opinions. It was clear they wanted us there and valued our efforts in the community. We were lead mainly by locals and their knowledge of the area and the cultural values in Tanzania always made me feel comfortable and welcome. I cannot recommend this program enough for anyone who is wanting to find their purpose abroad!

  • Knowledgable guides who always make you feel safe and prepared
  • Community engagement and warm welcome from the community
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Long travel days to get there but absolutely worth it!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Sustainable, Impactful, & Incredibly Fun Responsible Travel Experience

GIVE Volunteers is truly one of a kind and has spent over 15 years building an incredible relationship with the beautiful community of Kairo and empowering locals in the community. Our own Education Coordinator, MC, started as a student taking English lessons from GIVE volunteers, and now, I was honored to follow the lesson plans he created to teach English to local men and women as well as members of the Masai tribe of mainland Tanzania at the GIVE Kairo school. I truly received an impactful, authentic experience and learned so much about the history and culture of Zanzibar. On top of that, I had an absolute blast with our kind, high-energy guides and fellow volunteers who started as strangers and now are lifelong friends. If you're looking into sustainable traveling, I couldn't recommend GIVE more!

  • Sustainable
  • Impactful, local-owned
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Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Volunteers Tanzania

I loved every moment I spent in Zanzibar. I loved everyone I met in Kairo and all the GIVE staff made sure the group and myself were always taking care of. I would do it all over again because seeing the immediate impact you are making is inspiring. GIVE allowed me the space to volunteer in a lovely community while also having fun and being safe. Building unforgettable relationships and memories with the local people and the people that were in my group was amazing. I have never wanted to learn a language more than I want to understand Swahili.

  • Personally getting to know the locals
  • Memories that will last a lifetime
  • Unforgettable adventures with amazing friends
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

Greatest experience of my life! - GIVE Tanzania

This organization is very serious about their mission and is extremely reputable in terms of giving back to the community and using resources that directly benefit the communities we encounter. The itinerary for 2 weeks fit in so many amazing experiences and everything was planned so perfectly down to a T. The guides are super helpful and knowledgeable about Tanzania. You experience this culture and learn so much like nothing I have ever seen before, it is extremely impactful and they do everything the right way. I left this trip believing I made a true lasting impact that was all around good. This trip changed my life and I recommend to ANYONE who wants to experience something like this.

  • Cultural immersion
  • Community engagement
  • Personal growth
  • Amount of time for travel (not organizations fault just distance!)
  • More free time
  • More time to spend there in general!
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Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Tanzania 2023 Group 7

I had no expectations coming into this and came out very passionate about the work that we had done. I saw an incredible sense of community and respect from the people of Kairo of which I will take into my everyday life. Seeing people with less than I be happier and kinder to eachother than most people I know was eye opening. I want to live my life that way and give back to those less fortunate. It’s now my new passion to be part of GIVE and what they do so that I can spread their mission to people around me.

  • 24/7 support from guides
  • Amazing excursions
  • Global impact
  • Not as much time to get to know the locals
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Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Tanzania Program Review!

This past July I travelled to Tanzania with GIVE and it was nothing short of life-changing. Every moment of the trip was full of laughs, smiles, adventure, surprises, and purpose. From volunteering at the school in Kairo, to swimming with wild dolphins, to going on a two day safari in Nyerere National Park, to the nights spent playing games with guides and volunteers into the early hours of the morning – every moment of this trip was packed full of adventure and intention.

The GIVE staff are truly like no other. Every single moment of my trip to Tanzania I felt safe and cared for by each and every one of my incredible guides. GIVE prioritizes safety and goes above and beyond with ensuring that each volunteer’s needs are met. My guides made every single volunteer feel like a valued and crucial member of our team, which made it easy to build a sense of belonging within our group. I was particularly impressed with GIVE’s ironclad organization. Every one of our many activities ran completely smoothly and timely. From each meal being on time, to our rides and accommodations always being properly scheduled, to each of our individual flights being monitored by our guides – every piece of the very complex puzzle was perfectly planned out by GIVE.

Overall, I learned so much from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. I gained perspective, knowledge, self-confidence, and so many memories. I was inspired each and every day by the people of Kairo – their zest for life, thirst for knowledge, love and acceptance of all people, and their indestructible perseverance. I met the absolute best people on this trip – from the locals in Kairo, to all of my amazing guides, to my fellow volunteers, each and every person has impacted my life for the better. I am certain that I have made some life-long friends through GIVE. I have taken away so many lessons from this trip – to live each day with a purpose; to vote with my dollar; to get to know as many people as I can, whether we speak the same language or not; to simply say Hakuna Matata when life gets challenging – just to name a few. The biggest lesson I have taken with me is the traditional Tanzanian motto “pole pole,” with its incredible meaning to take life slowly, appreciate the in-between moments, and not be in such a rush all the time – a lesson that I truly needed to learn.

I will be recommending going on a volunteer trip with GIVE to anyone who is interested. Travelling with a purpose is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, and with GIVE, you can ensure that this experience is safe, well-organized, and jam-packed full of adventure!


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Yes, I recommend this program

Zanzibar experience with GIVE

I had an amazing time in Zanzibar with Give! It was extremely well organized and had so much to do. It allowed me to truly make a difference and see new cultures, which I really appreciate. Engaging with the local community was incredible and really allowed me to learn about new cultures firsthand. The activities were engaging and the balance between volunteering and other activities was really good. Would definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to volunteer abroad and who wants to make an impact on the community.

  • Engaging
  • See more of the world
  • Meet new people
  • Expensive
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Yes, I recommend this program

Tanzania trip

This experience will last a lifetime. I got to fully Immerse myself into their culture and meet some amazing people from Kairo village. They taught me to live life to the fullest and to be grateful. My fellow volunteers and staff of GIVE were amazing and continue to inspire me and have made a long lasting impact on my life. I can gladly say my mindset has changed since this trip and I continue to help and inspire others as I have been! I can’t wait to go on another trip through GIVE and make many more lasting friendships!

  • Learning about a new culture
  • Forming lasting friendships
  • Making an impact
  • No cons
21 people found this review helpful.

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