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Short Term Summer Winter
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-All meals and drinking water
-Epic adventures and cultural immersion activities
-Funding toward volunteer projects
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Airfare Travel Insurance Visa
Jan 31, 2023
Jan 11, 2023
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About Program

GIVE’s Tanzania Program takes you from the tropical paradise of Zanzibar Island to the wild plains of mainland Tanzania. Volunteer in Tanzania alongside the community to build addition classrooms for the first school ever in Kairo, teach fundamental English lessons and support the Tengeru Women’s Co-op; all while finding time to swim with wild dolphins in the Indian Ocean, sail over crystal clear waters, snorkel amongst vibrant coral reefs and embark on a 2-day safari through the African savannah.

After your Tanzania volunteer trip ends, climb Mount Kilimanjaro with GIVE and summit the tallest freestanding mountain in the world!

Earn academic credit with our optional Eco-tourism course!

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Program Highlights

  • Build a primary and secondary school for community of Kairo
  • See wild lions, elephants, and giraffes on safari
  • English education
  • Swim with wild dolphins in the Indian Ocean
  • Empower local women and learn about their co-op

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Yes, I recommend this program

Tanzania tour Give

This tour was the best experience of my life. The amazing people, culture, and landscape were just incredible, it’s hard to put it in to words how amazing this trip was. Building a school and teaching incredible people was truly life changing. I learned to not take education for granted and be grateful for what you have. I still can’t get over how amazing this trip was, I wish it never ended. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to make a positive impact and make life long friends!!!

  • Culture
  • People
  • Memories
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing

This adventure will forever hold a special place in my heart. I learned so much from the culture and the people especially, that I hope to share for years to come.
Never in my life have I seen a community so united, so loving, so friendly, and so welcoming than in the village of Kairo. These people have next to nothing, but their energy is unmatched. They ooze a happiness that we could only dream of. When asked what I hoped to bring back to the United States, I simply responded, “I hope to keep the energy”.
Moving forward, I want to be the person that smiles brightly and energizes the space I take up. I want to show people how content and grateful I am for every little thing I have. I want to show people that they are wonderful and amazing just as they are. I want to accept and trust people from the moment I meet them. I want to create a world where everyone feels safe and loved. I want to make sure that every single person I interact with from here on out feels even just a fraction of what I felt while in Kairo.
I will forever be grateful that I was able to have this experience and that I was able to do so in a way that differs from traditional travel and tourism. GIVE taught me what it means to be a global citizen and how to be effective in voting with my dollar. Every single thing we did during our trip was intentional. Whether it be supporting the locals and their businesses, to learning how to mix cement by hand (two parts rubble, one part sand, one part cement, 5 buckets of water, & a whole lot of manual mixing), to driving 8 hours to a Safari only 90 miles away on an unpaved road to help fund its paving— we made an impact.
One of the best parts was almost everything was organized and ran by local guides, we were learning straight from the people and building friendships with them. These people were full of wisdom and laughter that always left me feeling inspired. Lastly, I want to thank all of my local guides— Khammis, Smile, Amor, Baboi, Talha, MC, Fanni, Big Head, Fruit Guy, Kennedy, and Mr. Famous for an amazing trip.

  • Building amazing relationships
  • Being immersed in the culture
  • Learning to be grateful and humble
  • Bugs
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Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Tanzania Experience

I absolutely loved this experience! It is once in a life time, you truly get to immerse yourself into the culture. I pushed myself in new ways that have forever changed me for the better. Working side by side with the locals gave me new perspectives and opportunities to learn new things that I never would have before. There are so many connections that I made which will last me a life time. Everyone is is welcoming and excited for you to be there. I was nervous about the food but honestly it was some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had! Truly everything was great. Best experience of my life!

  • Getting to talk to locals
  • Seeing the change you are making
  • Getting fully immersed into the culture everyday.
  • Some people experienced travelers digestive issues
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best investment I have ever made

GIVE Tanzania is by far the best investment I have made. I have been on a previous volunteering trip with a different organization that did not compare in the slightest to GIVE’s focus on cultivating global citizens and sustainable travelers. Hannah and Boi were my guides and both of them are seen in the most positive light in my eyes. Their encouragement and genuine love for each and every person involved with GIVE made it so easy to feel comfortable and welcomed. From the accommodations to the food to the volunteer projects, everything was so organized and exactly as described prior to the trip. I am already looking into how I can work with GIVE beyond being a volunteer to continue making an impact and to immerse myself in an environment that is dedicated to learning and loving. Asante sana to everyone in Kairo, I miss you already <3

  • Sustainable travel
  • Cultural immersion
  • Incredible guides
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Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Tanzania Program

Every single day while on this trip was different but always full of learning, fun, and new experiences. There was never a dull moment or a time where there was nothing to do. I could talk forever about all the amazing experiences and all the memories that were made on this trip.

Waking up and going to volunteering was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The construction work was always so much fun and a great way to bond with the other volunteers and our local guides. After working hard, we would play games together and joke around and talk to each other. The construction guides Smile, Big Head, and Fani always made sure we were having a good time and working hard. They were super encouraging and came up with many great games to play. Teaching was also a favorite part of my days. The amazing students I taught always radiated with energy and motivation to learn. They made teaching a lot less intimidating as they happily welcomed us every day and became our friends outside of the classroom too.

Adventure days were always so much fun. Culture day was one of my favorite adventure days because we got to go to Stone Town and get an in-depth tour and were taught all about the history of the beautiful and culturally rich city. We then ate a great authentic meal on a small island where we also had lots of time to hang out and swim.

The other amazing adventure days included swimming with dolphins which was absolutely incredible. We jumped off our boats to see pods of over twenty dolphins swimming below us. Some would come up and surface for air just a few feet away. It was an amazing experience and a highlight of my life seeing so many dolphins in their natural habitat.

Leaving the village of Kairo to head to the mainland was so difficult. Kairo became our home and the locals became our friends. It did not feel like we were leaving a place that we were visiting, it felt like we were leaving home because we had become a part of the community there.

After spending a night in Dar Es Salaam, we headed to our campsite near Nyerere National Park. We went on a riverboat cruise to see some native animals that lived in and around the river (like hippos!!) and then spent the night hanging around the campfire. The next day we went off on our safari through the national park where we got to see so many amazing animals in their natural homes. Our guides on the safari were so helpful and taught us all about the land and the animals there. This was such a cool experience and was so much fun.

There's not enough words to describe how amazing the entire trip was. Our lead guides, Sophie and Boi, did a wonderful job educating us about everything everywhere throughout the trip and made sure we were healthy and having a great time. Our entire group of volunteers was amazing, and everyone got along and grew close so quickly. There was never a time where there wasn't a person to talk to or hangout with. I built relationships with other volunteers and even locals that I hope last forever. I am so happy I went on this trip because it opened up my mind and heart to new people and cultures. This trip taught me so much about myself and has changed my life and inspired me to continue to travel with purpose and become a lifelong global citizen.

  • Become immersed in a new culture and way of life
  • Learn about yourself and how you want to live
  • Travel responsibly and become a global citizen
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Yes, I recommend this program

Trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar summer 2022

I took my trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar in July of 2022 and I can tell you that it was the most life changing experience! We spent majority of our stay in Kairo, a small village in Kiwengwa. The locals were the most heart-warming, generous, welcoming people I have ever met.
Their dedication to their community was so inspiring. They want to grow and learn on their own as well as with one another. Their perseverance was out of this world! My biggest take away from them was that it is never too late to get what you want out of this lifetime.
There is a certain generalization about Africa as a whole that it is very poor and very hungry. While they may not have designer bags and 60in flat screens, they are thriving with what they do have. They have plenty of food, water and other necessities everyday for themselves and their family. The only thing they lack is access to a proper education which every human deserves. Teaching them English was such an honor knowing that it will open their future up to brand new job opportunities.
I learned so much from these beautiful people; how to minimize my carbon footprint, the impact of every dollar spent, how to preserve mother nature and her inhabitants, what true happiness looks like and so much more. I cannot thank the locals, our amazing guides(Sophie and Boi), and GIVE enough for bringing this experience about. I have extended my family globally and expanded my knowledge.
Everyday was an adventure and a new opportunity for growth. Whether it was doing construction to add onto the local school, swimming with dolphins, learning Swahili, exploring the land and culture, the list goes on. Knowledge is POWER. I will see them soon and I plan on joining GIVE on more trips in the future.<3

  • Abundance of opportunities for growth
  • Empowering locals with knowledge
  • Everyday adventures
  • Wish we had more time in Kairo
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Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Tanzania: Experience of a Lifetime!

On this tour, I not only got to help teach local women and men of Zanzibar, Tanzania English, but I was also able to help build an examination hall within the town's school system. I could see all prior school buildings for various classrooms and ages that were built over the decade-long volunteer relationship GIVE has with this neighborhood which meant upon our arrival the locals knew exactly who we were, embraced us, and were so excited to share their lives with us. I have met the most genuine and enthusiastic volunteers on my trip and created long-lasting memories. I was able to experience a new culture and language in a fun and exciting way. I swam in the ocean every afternoon to wind down my days and played soccer as well as volleyball with the locals on the beach and swam with dolphins. The food was delicious and the chef was so kind to everyone, catering to everyone's dietary needs. To finish the trip off we then head to Mainland Tanzania where we get to tour spice gardens and learn where our spices come from, enjoy a 2-day long safari, and camp under the brightest stars you have ever seen. I not only made an impact and made long-lasting friends, I truly had the best time of my life traveling sustainably and giving back to a community that deserved it.

  • Amazing Impact
  • Great Connections
  • Everything Runs Seamlessly
  • None!
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On a safari in Tanzania through the GIVE program with a giraffe in the background
Yes, I recommend this program

GIVE Tanzania Trip Review

Needless to say, traveling across the world alone can be a little intimidating and scary. However, I can say with 100% certainty that despite the nerves, it is something you must do if you can. From the first moment I met the other volunteers and guides, and we boarded the Dala dala to explore the city of Stone Town, I knew this would be an incredible experience.
Whether it's talking to locals after a day of volunteering at the school, snorkeling in the Indian Ocean, seeing wild Dolphins, getting the perfect selfie with a giraffe 30 feet from you, or exploring the city around you, this trip offers the best balance of seeing many parts of Tanzania and experiencing its culture.
It is evident that the guides and local staff that help the volunteers on this trip care about them and want them to experience the culture and have an overall positive time. My guides for this trip were Khamis and Hannah, and they were phenomenal. They were always smiling and brought energy to every meeting and excursion.
The other volunteers and I agreed that these were some of the best weeks of our lives. Anyone who has the chance to positively impact a community while learning about a new culture and the environment around them will find that they will also learn many things about themselves and those around them. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should be taken!
Thank you GIVE for these opportunities!

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