Volunteer and Teach Children in Arusha, Tanzania

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some of our children during class
some of our children during class


We run an unique organization in Tanzania. We are based in Arusha, and we work with children attending local government schools. Government schools are terribly basic, and they don't give any opportunity for poor children to really understand what they are good at or what they like, nor to develop their creativity. And yet, when given the chance, these children show that they love to draw and paint, and love to sing and play instruments!

We offer to the most gifted children, selected in 9 local schools, free teaching in how to draw, paint, sing, play instruments and even play different kind of sports. Most times when we ask them what is their dream, they answer that they have no dreams, and this is incredibly sad. Children should all have dreams but with this very basic school system they have no chance to find out what that is. We want to change that, we want to show them what they are good at, we want to give them dreams and give them the tools to make these dreams come true.

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About CTIDO Tanzania

Children Talent Identification and Development Organisation (CTIDO) is a unique organisation in Tanzania, whose primary focus is to identify children in local schools, gifted with particular God given talents. Tanzania Governmental schools and...