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Golden Aya's STEM Teacher Assistant volunteer program is one of Golden Aya's many Volunteer opportunities that gives volunteers a unique chance to make a difference. Volunteers will be welcomed to the program with a volunteer guide and an orientation. Volunteers will help Teachers prepare, educate, evaluate, and tutor the students in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and English ((STEM)+E). This program is designed to improve students' literacy, critical thinking skills, and overall knowledge.

As a volunteer, you will be working with Golden Aya Reps, teachers, and other volunteers from around the world. As a volunteer, we expect you to come ready to make a real change in new and innovative ways. You can expect us to provide you with life skills, safety, and trusted experience, that you will what to do again.

  • Teach STEM in a new fun innovative way.
  • There are opportunities for unforgettable adventures. There are many great sites to see like Mount Kilimanjaro and over 16 safaris. See wild life like lions, zebras, elephants and many more.
  • Make life long memories and relationships with the locals as well as other volunteers.
  • Learn amazing life skill that can transfer any where around the world.
  • Experience the Masaai's tribal way of life. Engage and exchange cultural values. Learn how the locals cook, or how they take care of their kids and animals.


As we all know, developing countries are not always able to keep up with the adequate tools and resources that meet the needs of the advancing world. Many NGOs and government-assisted programs have attempted to rectify and/or solve many of the problems that are causing the lack of development in these countries.
The communities that Golden Aya will be targeting are those that are apart of Africa and its diaspora. Programs and institutions that foster development in these communities tend to work independently, despite the fact that many of them have very similar goals. This can cause overwhelming pressure on a given entity, being that it can be easily felt that the sole responsibility of communal development is put on them alone. There is a major need to connect certain African communities and the institutions that promote their development. Developing communities and those that face economic declines, that are a part of Africa and its diaspora, are not usually granted the opportunities to help themselves. Often times, many outside volunteer organizations attempt to influence cultural change in the hosting community; this tends to lower the morale of the community and negatively affect their willingness to cooperate.

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