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Volunteer BaseCamp started work in Tanzania in 2007 and since that time, has developed a wide range of placements focusing on education, wildlife conservation and medical projects.

The majority of placements in Tanzania are run by English speaking organizations, so volunteers can easily integrate themselves into a variety of projects without struggling with language barriers. This can be especially helpful for volunteers working in the child and youth or medical fields.

Our thorough and unique vetting process assures that our volunteers are placed with a project that not only benefits from their specific skill set, but is also something they can be passionate about.

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Please do not use Volunteer BaseCamp

Please do not use Volunteer Basecamp. I had a good experience in terms of booking my volunteering but of course it would be a good experience as they are after your money. When I arrived in Tanzania as a qualified health professional ready to get stuck in there was nothing planned for me to do and I had paid for the services to help find a placement. I was also not told until a few days before arriving in Tanzania that I would not be staying at the basecamp house and that I was at this hostel with 6 private rooms. It was actually a hotel and the only people that stayed there were business men from Kenya and other East African countries which was fine in terms of integrating into the local community but as a lone female it wasn't the best choice. I know the manager in Canada had stayed at the same place so I don't understand how he was so blind to see it's not suitable for volunteers. I raised this but said I would be happy to stay as I was settled in but I wanted to let the manager know that it is not suitable for future volunteers (hopefully no future volunteers as they'd have more sense than to use Volunteer Basecamp). Their website says you don't really need to know Swahili but please be warned yes you do. I was in a hospital where I did absolutely nothing, I stood on the ward round for a month and did not help one person even though they all needed me. I raised my concerns with the coordinator in Tanzania and said that I wasn't happy, he was extremely helpful and I do not blame him for such a poor experience, however the main manager in Canada should know what a dietitian does and therefore have already organised a suitable placement or guided him on what to find. I also went to an orphanage where I was left to play with the children for 2 hours and did nothing related to my profession which I had specifically signed up to do. I had also left my job to do this. I feel sorry for the coordinator in Tanzania as I feel that in the emails back and forth with the manager, he was putting words in my mouth as if I was blaming the coordinator for this. Each email I reiterated that I had no issues with the coordinator. Orientation was excellent and he was very helpful. He even took me to his village where I met his family and I asked him if towards the end of my volunteering I could come back and donate some baby clothes, paper, pencils etc to his village which he was grateful for. However when I raised the fact that I had done no volunteer work despite giving it a chance and trying different pathways. I was given the option to 'cut ties' with the coordinator and find my own placements which actually I had been more successful with. I decided to do this but asked the manager if I would still be able to go to the coordinator's village to donate some clothes etc. He said in his email that he is not available to take you to his village' so the manager just denied clothing to villagers that desperately need it. That tells me he one heartless human being and I wish I had never spent my money on this company. Please do not bother using this company, I was even told by an orphanage in Tanzania that Volunteer Basecamp are receiving less volunteers now and I've had first hand experience as to why that's happening. You are better of finding your own placement as Volunteer Basecamp will be useless.

How can this program be improved?
Take off dietitian as an option. Actually choose sustainable placements. Reduce the fees. Improve customer service skills
No, I don't recommend this program

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