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Thailand has continued to be one of the most tempting destinations for those who are seeking a combination of enchanting natural surroundings, alluring culture, and incredible biodiversity. Breath taking silvery beaches lapped by warm, crystal clear waters are complemented by friendly locals, mouth-watering local delicacies, and an ancient and fascinating historical heritage rooted in Buddhist origins.

Perhaps you want to get involved in a community project teaching English to kids, to help protect Thailand’s unique marine environment, or to explore the culture and sights of this amazing country. With 25 years’ experience in providing volunteering and adventure placements and more than 300 projects worldwide, Frontier can find the perfect meaningful adventure whatever you want to achieve.

Our most popular placements in Thailand include:

  • Thailand Elephant Sanctuary - Immerse yourself in Thai culture, learning about the role of elephants as you help the mahouts in the elephant camp, and explore this beautiful part of Thailand.
  • Thailand Zoo Assistant - Gain practical, hands-on experience in caring for threatened wildlife in a Thai animal sanctuary.
  • Thailand Tropical Island Teaching and Beaches - Gain an amazing insight into the rewarding world of teaching whilst relaxing in some of the world's most idyllic settings.

To apply for any of our projects, just click on the orange “Apply Now” button on the Frontier website and fill in the short application form. One of our volunteer advisors will then give you a call back to answer any questions that you have.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

I had such an amazing 2 weeks away and I'm really glad I chose to participate in the Induction week.
Week 1 was great as it allowed us to really experience Thai culture. The temples we visited were out of this world and the food was also amazing, I think I've put on about a stone but totally worth it! The induction week allowed us to get to know our team really well. At the weekend we had free time so we could choose between visiting Bangkok or going to a waterfall trek - I chose the Waterfalls in Erawan National Park - the scenery was stunning. We swam in a few lagoons - complete luxury!
Week 2 was also great, although the journey to the elephants was super long (about 14 hours) but that is not a complaint as it was worth it! Our daily routine was basically: wake up, go to jungle and cut down banana trees for the elephants, go to the elephants, feed the elephant, lunch, ride the elephants. Then each day activities after that varied. Unfortunately I was unable to swim with the elephants as the water levels were too high after some serious rain but we did some rafting and visited another beautiful waterfall.
I spent my final weekend in Bangkok which is an absolutely mental place (in a very good way)!
The staff on both weeks were so lovely and extremely helpful! I had so much fun that I managed to break a rib :) jungle fun!

What would you improve about this program?
I would have like some more time to explore the local temples
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Yes, I recommend this program

Interesting, Exciting and Relaxing

The project was great and really smoothly run out in Thailand. And because everyone is so laid back out there it was very relaxing. The first week exploring temples, both ruined and new, was very interesting and making bracelets and Thai meals was enjoyable. But I was really looking forwards to the elephants the most, and although everyone said they thoughts two weeks was too long, in the end i didnt think it was long enough!!

Everyday we went out to cut down banana plants and then take them to feed the elephants. We would then ride them before lunch. My first week in Umphang was marked by a lot of rain so unfortunately we were unable to get in the water with the elephants. But the second week dried up and we rode the elephants up and down a beautiful river and got in the water with them. The young elephant would constantly splash us and loved diving around in the water. With only 5 volunteers in the second week there we only had three elephants (We wouldnt have been able to collect enough banana plants for all of them) but it allowed us to form closer bonds with them, and their mahouts. Mogee was my favourate elephant :)

What would you improve about this program?
As I mentioned the rain affected some of my time out there, so I would have packed/prepared more for the trip if I were to go again.
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