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Explore Togo with ARUDMO
Explore Togo with ARUDMO


Join ARUDMO as a volunteer in Togo. A small west African nation, Togo's culture reflects the values and practices of its diverse range of indigenous tribes. By population, Togo is the 107th largest country and a majority of Togo's people live in rural communities.

As Togo continues to make its transition to a democratic form of government, ARUDMO volunteer programs seek to provide stability and opportunities for growth to the people in these rural areas. ARUDMO's projects aim to address the needs and concerns of the local community. Projects include HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, microfinance lending programs, and teaching in village schools. Participants will work closely with the community on these projects to make sure their work is sustainable and will continue on after they leave.

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About African Rural Development Movement (ARUDMO)

ARUDMO, founded in 1995, was founded in response to the declining quality of life and prevalent corruption and inequality in Africa. The organization operates in rural villages in countries both West and East Africa.