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Get to know local Ugandans by volunteering with rural community development projects, teaching English in the school, and assisting women on new income-generating projects. Explore the national parks and breath-taking lakes on your journey.
Participate in a cooking class, enjoy a boat ride, and go in search of wild animals on safari!

In Uganda, visit several income-generating projects designed to empower communities to overcome poverty. Work alongside local Ugandans to create and implement these projects in their villages. Travel to Lake Bunyonyi and help with community tourism initiatives looking to create jobs and livelihood. Go on safari to help promote conservation efforts and spend time at the local school helping kids learn the fundamentals of English.

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Life-changing trip, incredible organization

I had the opportunity to travel with Kelly and Ann-Marie of The Village Experience during a winter term class last January and I was incredibly impressed with their knowledge of the area and understanding of the Ugandan culture. We experienced a variety of activities and learned a lot about the cultural and lives of the Ugandan people. I would greatly recommend this program to anyone looking for a safe, fun and life-changing travel opportunity.

Yes, I recommend this program


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