Nature Conservation and Animal Welfare – Your Volunteer Adventure in the United States

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Deserts, forests, mountains, grassland, lakes and beaches – the USA's natural diversity is simply stunning and its beauty leaves each visitor in awe.

Due to its diverse geography and nature the United States are rich in numerous animal and plant species. To sustainably protect the sensitive flora and fauna various nature conservation projects have been brought into being. As a volunteer at NATUCATE you can become a part of these wonderful projects and to actively preserve the USA's unique natural habitats. Experience an exciting time volunteering in North Carolina or play an active role in nature conservation in California!

Besides from environmental volunteering you have the chance to get involved into dedicated animal welfare projects: help wild animals in need, take care of mustangs in Florida or protect farmed animals in California!

Take a look at our website to find out more about our volunteer programmes in the USA and experience an unforgettable time in North America!

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NATUCATE – our name intentionally combines the English words ‘nature’ and ‘(to) educate’, because it is our aim to reconcile nature and education. We offer educational wilderness courses, internships, sabbaticals and voluntary service abroad with a...