VISIONS: Montana Blackfeet Middle School Service Program

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For middle schoolers who wish to immerse themselves in Native American culture and help with meaningful community service projects, VISIONS Service Adventures offers an eye-opening summer experience.

The Montana Blackfeet Middle School Service Program uses the high school program as a model but is carefully crafted with the younger student in mind. The program lives on a conservation ranch amid the rolling grasslands of the Blackfeet Reservation in northwestern Montana, where VISIONS has worked for 29 years. Kids get to know the tribe through modest service projects, local events, learning traditional crafts and playing games with local kids. Adventures include horseback riding, hiking and swimming in mountain streams.

This ten-day program is a wonderful balance of community service, cultural immersion and open-minded exploration. Not only is it a summer for kids to remember, but it’s an experience that can positively shape the rest of their lives.

  • American Indian culture and history.
  • Backpacking.
  • Community service.
  • Horseback riding.

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