Ba Vi Disability Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

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The Ba Vi program is located approximately 50 kilometers from Hanoi City in a very rural location that gives our volunteers to experience something well off the tourist track.

Ba Vi center itself is a very third world program, something that got left behind as the rest of the world progressed in the field of caring for children with disabilities. It is a program that tests your capacity and your ability to understand and share compassion.

Ba Vi is not a program for everybody and in the time you are there you will not change the world but you will be given the opportunity to share what you have with those that have very little.

Our Helping Hands Vietnam now employees 6 local ladies who work at the center in the areas of health, education, therapy, and rehabilitation, so you will always be well supported by them and our VIVPS coordinators.

If you want to join an ever growing international and local family and examine your true self then please come along and help us.

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