Make a Genuine Difference in Vietnam as a Volunteer!
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Make a Genuine Difference in Vietnam as a Volunteer!

Join Global Volunteers for one to two weeks in Vietnam as a volunteer English teacher! Teach at a public university, a private K-12 school, a center for visually impaired adults, or the Vietnam Institute for Development Strategy. Volunteer teachers in Hanoi, Vietnam will have a standard curriculum to use but are also encouraged to share their knowledge of their own culture. Experience Vietnam’s culture with Global Volunteers as a respected and valued visitor!

Minors must be accompanied by an parent or guardian. It's also required for volunteers to be physically mobile and capable of walking long distances on busy streets or steep stairs. Lodging is in a large hotel in the historical district of Hanoi.

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Global Volunteers tax-deductible Vietnam program fee starts at $2,495. The fee includes all meals, accommodations, airport transportation, transportation within volunteer projects, project costs, administrative expenses, and support from Global Volunteers staff. Discounts are also available for students, family and multi-person groups, and returning volunteers. Free-time activities, airfare, or other travel are not included in the fees.

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371 years old
Portland Oregon
University of Portland

Always enchanting Vietnam..


I have gone to Vietnam many times. I started in 2000 with GV when the program was in the south. Now, the program is in the north. I always still enjoy going back to Vietnam because of the people, the culture, and the newness each time. Even with the chaotic traffic and the noise, there is a certain mystic calmness which is always present. Walking around the lake during one's free time, watching the locals exercise, eating in local restaurants is always a break from my reality at home. Vietnam and its people lured my many years ago and the allurement continues today. Go and enjoy a different world..

How can this program be improved?

the program should find a different high school to volunteer in. i know there is another Nguyen Binh Kiem hi school in Hanoi that teachers disabled students along with regular students. It is a public school. This would be a perfect fit for GV.

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30 years old
Pasco, Washington
Washington State University- Tri-Cities

Vietnam March 2015


The two week volunteer trip I embarked on to Vietnam was exciting and also a bit scary as it was my first time traveling outside of North America and alone. However, from the moment I got to Vietnam until I left there was not a bit of fear in me. The experience was amazing. I loved the group I worked with, the people of the country, the landscape, and the list goes on and on. Two weeks may seem like a short time but the memories, insight and friends that were made will last forever. I would recommend Global Volunteers and especially the Vietnam experience to anyone.

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57 years old
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The local connections were priceless


This was a fulfilling way to dig a little deeper into the culture - beyond the tourist scene. We made friends with teachers, students, school office staff and ordinary folks in the sidewalk cafes. The service project - helping youth improve their English speaking skills at a local school - was very fun and fulfilling. The kids are smart, caring and enthusiastic. There always seemed to be a vibe of positive energy and friendliness in the people we met in Hanoi. They live fully. As a former '60s peacenik and Vietnam war protester, I was so happy to experience this ancient, beautiful country in such a new and life-affirming way.

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42 years old
Redlands, California

Something different


Fortunately for our team, the bilingual teachers at the primary/high school we volunteered for, provided most of the lessons.
The challenges for us were to come up with impromptu activities based on the materials given to us after the lesson was explained. A lot of these activities could be learned by people who may have attended summer camps; paid attention in school and retained the fun activities from their classrooms; or, from professional educators who are trained to do this regularly. However, anyone who is quick, creative and clever can come up with activities, and when there's a team of at least a couple of other people, it's not too difficult.

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57 years old
University of Denver

An eye opening, life-changing and fun experience


Global volunteers in Hanoi is an opportunity to work daily with some of the most engaging young adults you will ever have a chance to meet. These students are eager, optimistic, and open to what you bring them and thirsting for an opportunity to speak with native speakers. Every day was a challenge, but a satisfying one and the volunteers got together after each day with stories of humor, warmth, and curiosity. Hanoi is a fascinating place - as my wife put it, Hanoi is dirty, noisy, old, crowded and we would go back anytime! Watching Vietnam emerge with fervor into world culture is remarkable. Global does a wonderful job of supporting the volunteers and every day was organized, fun, educational, and satisfying. I would recommend this trip to anyone with a sense of adventure and a good dose of cultural flexibility.

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57 years old
Denver, Colorado

2 weeks in Hanoi will change your life


We spent 2 weeks in Hanoi teaching English with Global Volunteers in the fall of 2010. We had the honor of serving with a very experienced team of volunteers and were lead by a compassionate and fabulous team leader. We loved the small hotel where we stayed, the local Old Quarter which became our home away from home, and especially the students we taught at the local University. These students were so eager to learn how to improve their English, it was a pleasure to spend time in their classrooms.

Hanoi was a wonderful place to be, and we found the Vietnamese to be warm and welcoming. Global Volunteers does a great job with logistics, housing, work projects and safety. We couldn't have been more pleased with our trip and often talk about returning!

Barbara Morris and Phil Zeitler

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57 years old
Washington, DC
Trine University



What more can I say: I want to do it all over again.
Well, maybe I will. Carving a space out of my daily life and filling it with a cultural experience, fun, satisfaction when I finally "got it" made this two week period unforgettable.

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