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When you get a real job and are restricted to two weeks of vacation a year, you'll realize that college summer holidays are the most precious time of your life. It's no time for lazing around watching Friends reruns and cleaning your neighbor's pool - the glorious summer months...
Photo Credit: Greenheart Travel Snagging an internship in Africa is not your typical summer gig – but then again, typical is overrated. Instead, it’s an opportunity to gain experiences you can’t get elsewhere. It’s a job that combines the best aspects of adventure, work, travel,...
Before we dive in, you might be wondering: what exactly is a gap year? A gap year is a semester or year "off," traditionally described as a break from academics.
These days, spending spring break in Mexico or Florida is so passé. Maybe the idea of a week in packed bars surrounded by sunburned kids is appealing to some people, but we don’t know those people, right? You’ve got the rest of your college years to spend attached at the...
Interning abroad is one of the best decisions you can make: you’ll learn about your chosen industry from a different viewpoint; you’ll learn more about who you are as a person; you’ll develop your soft skills and you’ll certainly make your resume standout from the crowd. If you...
France is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world, and for good reason! France has everything an eager student could want, including high-caliber universities, excellent cultural attractions, and exquisite food. Already looking forward to exploring the...
Interning at a startup overseas is a great way to hone your professional skills while immersing yourself in an exciting, new city. As we all know, in today’s post-recession world, a Bachelor’s degree no longer guarantees solid employment.

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