Intern Abroad Articles

Once you've found a great international internship placement, the real adventure begins. There are several stages most internships go through, professionally and personally, and here's how you can successfully navigate each one.
Your internship abroad will be an unforgettable experience -- but it will not be the same as an internship in your home country. Learn more about internships differ between countries and what to expect from yours.
If you want to work or take an internship in the Middle East, this is the resource for you. This guide covers everything you need to know before you depart and once you're living and working in the Middle East.
Landing an internship placement in Europe is tough -- doing it on a budget is even more so! Here are our best tips for helping you find and land the perfect internship in Europe without breaking the bank.
Moving to China for an internship or as part of your Gap Year? A local shares secrets about what living in Beijing is like, including truths about the cost of living.
The international internship application process can be dizzying and complex. Here's a guide that will give you all the info you need: where to find internships, popular destinations and industries, and how to make your application shine.
Whether taking a gap year or changing careers, there's a world of opportunity around you. We've collected some of the coolest jobs you can take abroad, to inspire you to make that leap.
Finding an internship abroad is a great goal -- but how do you know if you've found the right one for you? Use these tips to assess internship opportunities and make a choice that works best for you.
Before we get to that list you clicked on over here for, let's have some real talk: Paid internships abroad are not necessarily easy to come by. Paid summer internships -- which are generally shorter and more in demand -- are even harder to find. Still, we'd like to help. Where t...
The great Brazilian composer and musician Tom Jobin famously said, “Brazil is not for beginners.” To be fair, I’m not sure exactly how many countries really are appropriate for beginners, but Brazil can leave a first-time visitor feeling pretty disoriented and overwhelmed. I made...