Study Abroad Articles

While studying abroad is a chance to experience a new culture and language, you may want to study abroad even if you don't speak another language. Germany is a great destination where this is possible -- here's everything to know about how to study abroad in Germany even if you don't speak German.
Germany is a top study abroad destination in Europe, and as you learn more, it's not hard to see why. If you're sold on studying in Germany but unsure which of the many cities is right for you, learn more about the top cities to study abroad in Germany.
New Zealand gets a lot of glory as a study abroad destination -- and for good reason, with stunning scenery, cosmopolitan cities, and world-class education. It's also home to amazing dishes and drinks that are unique to Kiwi culture, and here are the ones you must-try while...
As a minority student, you may wonder about studying abroad: Can you do it? If so, how? What will it be like? A fellow student shares her insights after studying abroad multiple times on what studying abroad is like and how studying abroad will change your life.
You have your heart set on studying abroad in Japan... but where exactly should you go? Here are the five best cities where you can study abroad in Japan, including bustling Tokyo and laid-back Hiroshima and everywhere in between.
Studying abroad is a great chance to make friends, but where do you start? A fellow study abroad alumni shares her tips on how to make friends while studying abroad -- both in your study abroad program and outside your program.
Florence is a dream destination: the food, the history, the art... It's no surprise this is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world! However, it can be tough to stick to a budget while studying abroad -- so take these tips from a fellow student on how to...
Ready to study abroad in Spain? It's easy to understand why you picked this destination: Spain is a dynamic country with great study abroad opportunities. Before you hop on the plane, check out these tips from a fellow student on what you need to know about studying abroad in...
Ready to study abroad in Italy and live la bella vita for a semester... but you don't know what that means? That's okay. It is possible to study in Italy in English! Here are helpful tips from a fellow student on how you can study abroad in Italy even if you don't speak Italian.
If you've done your research, looked at the options, and are still looking for the most LGBTQ-friendly campuses in the world, here's the list. These campuses offer support to LGBTQ students and exemplify the open-mindedness that all study abroad experiences should have.