Gap Year Articles

Taking a gap year used to be a negative mark on your resume -- not anymore! Now you can leverage gap year experiences to land your dream job. Here's everything you need to know to put your gap year on your resume.
You're planning your gap year, and Latin America is your target destination. How do you choose where to go, among 33 countries and countless gap year programs? We're here to help -- here are the best gap year programs in Latin America, according to the Go Overseas community.
You've decided to take a gap year -- now it's time to plan! If you know you want to choose a gap year program as part of your experience, here are the steps to consider in choosing the perfect gap year program for you.
As you plan your gap year, do you find yourself choosing only countries where you speak the language? Break free! Taking your gap year in a country where you don't speak the language is a great way to learn about yourself and the world. See all the reasons why.
You went to college, you graduated... now what? If you didn't take a gap year before college (or even if you did), get inspired and explore the world through these 16 unique gap year ideas for your first year after college.
Taking a gap year is great for you -- in more ways than you can imagine! Learn more about how a gap year can improve your wellness in surprising ways with insights from a fellow gapper.
A gap year costs money, right? In the long run, you may find the opposite is true! By learning these financial lessons on your gap year, you can actually improve your financial wellness for your whole life, even after you return from your gap year.
Taking a gap year doesn't have to break the bank. We collected some of our best tips on planning a budget-friendly gap year into one place -- plus tips to help you save even while you're traveling!
Taking a gap year doesn't have to interrupt your career or derail your professional goals. One traveler shares how you can make a gap year advance your career -- or at least keep you on track.
Many people follow the same well-trodden paths and itineraries when they take a gap year. If you want to get off that path and create your own route, here are tips to get you started planning an off-beat gap year.