Volunteer Abroad Articles

If you've decided to volunteer abroad, get ready to make a world of difference. If you really want to amplify your impact, here's how to be a more effective volunteer while abroad.
Volunteering in disaster relief seems especially important right now, as another devastating hurricane season continues. Read more about the organizations you can volunteer with, and how long volunteer support will be needed.
Volunteering abroad is one of the many ways we can give back to the world while we travel. It's also an opportunity to build peace through our volunteer efforts abroad. Here are some of the ways that volunteering abroad can build peace in a world that needs more of it.
Volunteering in Marine Conservation is a popular choice for those who want to support nature through volunteer efforts. Here are some of the important lessons you'll learn if you choose to save the oceans on your volunteer experience.
Are you ready to volunteer abroad? How can you be sure? We've collected a list of signs you might not be ready to volunteer abroad -- and how you can work to ready yourself for the experience.
Volunteering with youth abroad can take a variety of forms, but it all helps to bridge cultural differences. It can also be a way to model and build peace around the world, and here are some of the ways how you can help.
Curious what life is like on a day-to-day basis during your volunteer abroad experience? Learn more about what it's like for a day in the life of a volunteer abroad from a fellow volunteer.
After volunteering abroad, you may feel lost and unsure how your life-changing experience translates to life at home. That's a normal feeling! Here are some strategies to help you adjust, produced in partnership with United Planet.
For many of us, the news these days just seems to reveal one troubling headline after the next. In times that feel so troubling, it’s hard to know what we can do to affect change. We've collected some of the programs we believe help empower us to help others on causes we're passi...
If you want to take a gap year that will change the world, it might be hard to choose a program. Here are some questions you should ask yourself, to make your gap year meaningful for you -- and for those you meet along the way.