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Is La Dolce Vita calling you? Does the idea of waking up surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Romans or the Renaissance make you swoon? Then studying in Italy may be the perfect place for you spend your semester (or year) abroad.
It’s been biting you, hasn’t it? That pernicious little travel bug has been gnawing away at your heartstrings and now you’re thinking, "Where can I go?", "What can I do?", "How can I realize my travel dreams?" I know, it’s really quite painful isn’t it? But you’re stuck. You’re...
Interning abroad is a great way to get experience, though some do find the cost hard to swallow (especially when you can intern in your home country for free - and possibly even get paid!). However, there are a number of scholarships and fellowships available for interning abroad...
Looking for a break from routine? While you may have considered taking a different route to work or flipping on a new TV channel, we've got another suggestion for you: volunteering abroad! Though not for the faint of heart, volunteering abroad is a surefire method for "getting...

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