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Going Beyond means becoming a better you, with every step you take. That’s the idea and mission that drives everything we do. Our passion? To empower people through the global community and life-changing experiences that we create. Whether you’re an aspiring marketer or financier, a engineer or designer – you can always go Beyond to learn better, travel further, and dream bigger. The journey to a career you love is unique to everyone. Our International Internship Programs are available in 14 global cities and 18 industries, our Programs offer the unique opportunity to combine work and travel into an extraordinary adventure. OUR LOCATIONS: London - Dublin - Berlin - Barcelona - Paris - Stockholm - Amsterdam - Tokyo - Seoul - Bangkok - Sydney - New York - Toronto - San Francisco


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Yes, I recommend this program

Transformative Internship Experience in Seoul

I had the incredible opportunity to intern in Seoul, and the experience surpassed all my expectations. The company's commitment to professional development and mentorship made a lasting impact on my career trajectory. From day one, I was immersed in challenging projects that allowed me to apply and expand my skills. The supportive and collaborative work environment fostered creativity, and the team's dedication to innovation was inspiring.

What sets this internship apart is the cultural immersion. Seoul is an amazing city, and the company organized cultural exchanges that enriched my understanding of both professional and local contexts. The cross-cultural experience added a unique dimension to my internship, and I left with not only valuable work experience but also a deeper appreciation for global perspectives.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunities this internship provided and the connections I forged during my time in Seoul. It was truly a transformative experience that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking not just a job but a meaningful and enriching journey in their career development.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I love Japan

I had the most incredible 2 months in Japan, it exceeded all my expectations and really started to feel like home. My internship in the charity industry was everything I hoped for, my manager pushed me to be my best self and I’m so grateful for his support throughout my time here.
Stephanie and Fristy were amazing community coordinators and always made sure we were having a great time and having real Japanese experiences. I really loved the events that were organised for us.
The only negative is it was quite stressful getting my internship. My job was only sorted quite close to when I was meant to be flying out. However, as soon as it was confirmed it was only excitement from there.
I already cant wait to return to Japan!

  • Japanese food
  • Social activities
  • Friendships
  • Getting a job was very last minute
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience in Tokyo

My two months in Beyond Academy's programme in Tokyo was one of the best times in my life. I got to go explore and hang out in many different places in Tokyo, try out different foods, take part in many different events, and meet and have new friends thanks to Beyond Academy. It also allowed me to start my career strongly through the internship that they helped find for me, which was very engaging and fun. I would like to thank every single person (especially Stephanie and Fristy - the community cordinators) who works for Beyond Academy for this amazing unforgettable experience. I'd greatly recommend taking this program if you haven't already!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience!

This was the most amazing two months of my life! I met so many interesting people, went to the most beautiful places and gained very valuable work experience though Beyond Academy's internship program. My internship company wanted to extend the internship even before and after the two months I was in Japan and I am still currently working for them. The coordinators were amazing and we became friends during my stay. I will continue this friendship past the Beyond Academy. I'm already planning my next stay in Japan. I have to come back! Also special thanks to Beyond Academy's finance side for working with my budget and having that flexibility so that I could attend this program. It was worth the money, and beyond.

  • Getting to travel
  • Gaining work experience
  • The people
  • Expensive
  • Casual events weren't paid for
  • There weren't any networking events that were listed in the program website
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Journey I Will Always Remember

Everything went very smoothly and without complications. I really enjoyed having the weekly activities planned by Beyond Academy where Stephanie and Fristy let us explore Japanese culture and food. They did a great job by showing us around Tokyo and always being there for us. The internship wasn't in the field I was looking for but it was a great experience nevertheless. The whole journey was a great adventure and I am really happy to have done it with Beyond Academy. I would have stayed for longer if I could but I am always going to remember it.

  • Everything is organised and planned.
  • Cultural insights and social activities.
  • Easy communication
  • Accommodation is low-cost equipped.
  • Internship may not be in the field you were looking for.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Annemarie Gaillard

Job Title
Program Manager
Annemarie is a Program Manager at Beyond Academy. Before working at Beyond Academy, Annemarie was a professional actor for 10 years and then worked as a creative arts psychotherapist within schools and hospitals. Annemarie is from N. Ireland but is now based in London, and through her work at Beyond, loves helping interns have amazing work and travel experiences.
Annemarie Gaillard


What is your favorite travel memory?

Really hard to choose! I'd say there's two that stand out:

When I was 19, as part of a school trip, I got to trek the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and climbed Toubkal, the highest peak. It was incredible! The views were stunning and it felt like such an achievement to reach the summit.

My other memory is when I worked as an actor I got to fly out to LA on a job. It's a unique city - and seeing the Hollywood sign for the first time was quite something!

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I’d say I have grown exponentially working for Beyond Academy! I have a very diverse professional background, and when I first started working for Beyond Academy I was looking for a role and a company where I could channel all my different skills and expertise. Beyond Academy has offered me this opportunity and allows me to continuously learn, develop and improve.

It's a fast-paced environment at Beyond Academy and a rapidly progressing company - it’s an exciting journey to be a part of!

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

I love speaking to our students; from their initial admissions interview with us, right through to connecting with them during their internship program - and meeting them in person if it's in London! The students on our programs come from such diverse backgrounds and industries, and of course are from all over the world.
As for my favourite stories from students, I’d say it's when we hear that their internship has gone so well that the company has offered them a fulltime job! It's so encouraging and hugely exciting to watch their career kick-start.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

I’d say the Tokyo Immersive Program. I’ve never been to Japan and would love to visit. What I love about our programs is that you get to travel and have a proper adventure whilst gaining valuable work experience. To live in and explore an amazing city such as Tokyo and also supercharge my career at an awesome company - dream come true! Plus on the program you get to visit Mount Fuji and also make friends from all over the world!

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

What makes Beyond Academy unique is that we are all so passionate about what we do. We care! And we want the best for our interns. Also, although we are a global company and based throughout the world, we have such a strong team bond and sense of community.

I'd say I was especially proud of the team this summer during our London Immersive Program. Our community team really went the extra mile for everyone on the program and provided them with such an awesome experience.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

A great team! Having shared beliefs and a supportive, well-functioning team is fundamental. Of course everyone has their off-days, but building and maintaining good working relationships and having clear, honest communication really is key from a personal professional perspective, and also for the growth of the company. Understanding your colleagues as people and helping to elevate them in their role can be so important too.