Australia Working Holiday Programs for Canadians

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Stepabroad participant petting a kangaroo
Stepabroad participant petting a kangaroo
Stepabroad participant swimming in a waterfall in Australia
Stepabroad participant swimming in a waterfall in Australia
Stepabroad participant holding a koala
Stepabroad participant holding a koala
Stepabroad participant hiking in Tasmania
Stepabroad participant hiking in Tasmania
Stepabroad participant visiting vineyards in South Australia
Stepabroad participant visiting vineyards in South Australia
Surf lessons
Surf lessons
Stepabroad participants holding their surfboards after a surf lesson
Stepabroad participants holding their surfboards after a surf lesson


Stepabroad's Australia Working Holiday programs offer Canadians the opportunity to experience living, working and traveling around beautiful Australia.

As a Canadian company, we guide Canadians through the working holiday visa application, set up your Australian bank account and help you move money from your Canadian bank to Australia, transfer your Canadian phone, decide which travel insurance is right for you and so much more!

We partner with the best-rated tour companies in Sydney and Melbourne to give you the chance to kick off your working holiday with bucket-list worthy activities upon arrival. Meet other travellers from day 1 and have tons of fun! On top of that, receive exclusive access to job portals specifically for working holiday visa holders.

With Stepabroad you get support from both sides - prior to your departure from Canadians who have done working holidays ourselves, and in Australia where you'll have a local team to support you throughout your trip!

  • Personal assistance applying for the Australian Working Holiday Visa as a Canadian
  • We'll revise and sharpen your resume to help you land a job faster, and set up your bank account, phone number, tax account and find accommodation
  • One-on-one pre-departure orientation covering tons of helpful info needed for living, working and traveling in Australia
  • 3 - 7 nights accommodation at a top-rated hostel upon arrival
  • Kick off your trip with activities like surfing, food tours, wildlife encounters, sand boarding, dolphin watching and much more!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Stepabroad Working Holiday: Brisbane 2018

Imagine finishing work and heading straight to the beach to catch some waves or into the mountains for a sunset hike. For most of us that seems like a far fetched reality too good to be true.

A couple months ago I felt the exact same way, but a Working Holiday in Australia with StepAbroad has allowed this distant dream to become my new reality for my time working abroad in Australia.

For the past few months I've been participating in StepAbroad's Working Holiday in Brisbane, Australia, and loving every moment of it. Life down under is definitely a little different than back home in Canada, however after experiencing what the locals call "winter" here in Queensland, I've got to say I'm all for it. Being able to go surfing comfortably in the midst of winter is definitely an idea I could get used to. No matter how many times I see people bundling up in jackets, scarves and beanies in 16 degree weather, it will always get a smile out of me.

Stepabroad has made the crazy process of moving across the world to work in a new country extremely straightforward and easy to understand. They helped me in obtaining my working holiday visa, setting up my bank account and tax file number, getting my phone set up, and finding accommodation. This initial process of moving and adjusting took me a couple weeks to get used to, but once I'd settled into my accommodation and found a job I liked it was everything I could've expected from it. I ended up working a job at a local digital marketing agency that I absolutely loved and met some incredible people that I still keep in touch with frequently.

Just about every weekend I was making trips out of the city to go for a hike or off to the beach, and at the end of the summer I spent two weeks road-tripping up to coast from Brisbane to Cairns. Australia has so much to offer and making money while travelling allowed me to experience so much more of it than I would've been able to without doing so. Even with working there's still so much more to see and can't wait to get back some day.

Moving abroad alone was a huge step for me, but left me with some of the best memories of my life and has made a huge impact on my life overall. It's taught me important skills that I had never had to learn living with family and friends. By forcing me out of my comfort zone just about every day I was constantly trying new things and picking up valuable lessons.

Overall if you're debating going on a working holiday, I would 100% vouch for taking the leap as it was an incredible experience and changed my life for the good.

What would you improve about this program?
The program support is based out of Sydney, providing phone support for any participants other Australian cities. I had a great experience with my representative, Kim, and she provided me with a ton of help in getting settled into my new life for the summer (or winter). I never felt a need to have in person support, however some travelers who are less comfortable on their own may like having this option.

This program could potentially be improved by having representatives in some of the other large cities around Australia for in person support.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Gap Year in Aus

I decided to take a break from my studies back home, I figured I needed a fresh start, gain new experiences, and meet different people. I’ve wanted to come to Australia for a very long time, since I can remember really. I figured that in order to actually fulfill this crazy dream of mine, I would need a company to help me!

As soon as I discovered Step Abroad- it was exactly what I was looking for! Problem solved - get a visa, buy a ticket and let the staff take care of the rest. I wanted to feel safe and look back upon my time in Australia as a great adventure, not a series of difficult, stressful and frightening situations. Thanks to Step Abroad I knew that someone had my back and that I could rely on their help whenever I needed it. This was the perfect option, considering I came here from far away, and had no friends or family in Australia I could turn to for help.

Once I packed my bags and landed in Australia, I was a little worried for how all of this is going to turn out. But they took care of EVERYTHING. I had transport from the airport, a reservation at the hostel and once I arrived in my room, I already made a few acquaintances and got my new Aussie phone number and details of my bank account.

The first few days I spent exploring Sydney, and they made sure to check in and make sure I was doing okay. Step Abroad helped me more than I initially thought would be possible. My experience has been amazing! I honestly can not say enough why it is worth reaching out to them. Let Step Abroad take you under their wings and I promise it will be an unforgettable experience! :)

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