Gap Year in Australia

So you want to spend a year in Australia? You’re not alone! One of the world’s most popular gap year destinations, the land Down Under has loads of opportunity for any type of gap year you want to take. Whether it’s backpacking in Western Australia or living local on a Working Holiday Visa, Australia has options for every type of gap year.

What Can You Do During Your Gap Year in Australia?

Working. Thanks to the Australia Working Holiday Visa program, it is possible -- almost easy — to work in Australia for a year if you are 31 years old or younger. As this is one of the most popular ways to spend a gap year in Australia, we’ve put together a guide about the Working Holiday Visa process, and another about the kinds of jobs you can find in Australia on your gap year.

Backpacking. Arguably the other most popular thing to do on a gap year in Australia is to grab a big backpack, pack your life into it, and explore the whole of the country. Australia is very backpacker-friendly, with hostels around the country, tours and transportation options, and a thriving scene of twenty-somethings all doing the same.

Volunteering. If you want to give back on your gap year, Australia is a great destination to do so. Link up with fun and rewarding wildlife conservation projects in the rainforest of North Queensland, work with the elderly, tutor, or join a local gardening project. You can also volunteer with local charities and NGOs.

Where to Go on Your Australia Gap Year

Some of the most popular destinations in Australia are perfect stops on your gap year: explore the cultural capital of Sydney, enjoy the hip vibe in Melbourne, or meet friendly locals and fellow expats in Brisbane.

We also have a helpful guide on where to go on your gap year in Australia, if you need other itinerary ideas.

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