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Jul 02, 2018
Jan 20, 2015
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Surf Camp Australia's packages are diverse, ensuring you find the one that fits you! The following packages are currently available:

The Ultimate Search - 10 Days: Spend 5 days at camp before leaving to test your skills in Yamba and Byron Bay for the second half.
The Search - 7 Days: Learn how to surf for 5 days at camp, and then work the waves in Byron Bay.
The Ultimate Experience - 5 Days: A 5-day long progressive course in surfing at camp.
The Experience - 3 Days: Focus on learning how to surf with this 3-day progressive course.
The Weekender - 2 days: 2 days of Surf Camp progressive courses, and a party to top of the weekend!

What’s Included in the Program:

Progressive surf course for Absolute Beginners
Personal Professional Surfing Photography & Videos

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Yes, I recommend this program

5 days at Surf Camp Australia

All I can say is, if you can, do. Go to surf camp. We surfed in the rain, and I still wouldn't trade a moment of it. It doesn't matter your skill level, the coaches will bring out the inner surfer in everyone. You will be tired, wet, half naked, red eyed, maybe even sunburned, and see waves every night when you close your eyes, but you will feel amazing about yourself. After hours, you might find yourself sharing a beer with your mates, singing songs on a beach under a full sky of stars.

The camp is located in a fairly isolated little beach camping community. I always felt safe. The rooms are merely 4 walls and bunks, but you will spend all your waking hours outside anyways. Each day, the camp will write a schedule on a board outside that breaks down the following day's activities for each of two groups. Surfing sessions are broken roughly into morning and afternoon sessions, with allotted times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The schedule allows for ample time in between surf sessions, so you never should feel rushed. The surf coaches will often carry a go-pro and take pictures of you at your best, which you can view on the slideshow at dinner, or download for yourself. With a constant stream of music, every evening seems to anticipate a party. After 10pm, it's lights out. The party typically moves to the beach, and the commons is left quiet for those who want to sleep.

What would you improve about this program?
The camp will feed you every day, three meals a day. It'll fill you with sustenance for surfing. The only downside is you might feel like you are eating just about the same thing every day. I say variety is the spice of life, but if salad and sandwiches are your jam (or if you have been living the backpacker life), you will little care. Hey, we actually ran out of grilled chicken one night! I was a bit disappointed I couldn't get seconds.
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Yes, I recommend this program


I did the surf camp this wk, and it was AWESOME! And the only proof that you have to go there, it's because it wasn't my first time. I did a lot of surf and thanks to the instructors who where really helpful I learned a lot of thinks. Thanks to them, now I really want to improve my surf and do more and more again. I'm not going to say that the food was good, the place too,... Because everybody already told it and the only think that I can do, It's give my agreement. Just thank you, and I hope I will see them again.

What would you improve about this program?
I would said MORE SURF, but I know that for some people It's already enough.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Good teachers - Good food

The surf camp was located about 2 hours from Sydney. The ride was quick and safe and everything was organized really well. Camp was on a campsite close to a small town. The rooms were clean as well as the facilities. The food was really healthy and good and there was plenty for everyone, free coffee, tea and milk was available. There were 3 teachers for about 15 people and they made sure everybody got the support they needed. Equipment was in very good condition and the teachers knew exactly what they were talking about. Tried surf camp before in Europe and Surf Camp Australia was way more professional.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best trip

Incredible experience, as soon as we arrived the staff were lovely and welcoming, the food at the camp was excellent and was never without anything. The staff made it the trip for me, they were all so helpful and friendly took their time in teaching everyone step by step how to surf. I would highly recommend in going. Most fun ever!

What would you improve about this program?
It couldn't it's excellent!
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Yes, I recommend this program


Big shout out to Jordy and the team for the epic weekend at Surf Camp. I had an awesome time and met some awesome people from all over the world. 100% recommend anyone to give it ago whether surfing is for you or not for you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Shame about the weather

I did the 5 day camp down at Seven Mile Beach, just south of Wollongong. Bus transport provided from Central in Sydney, we arrived at lunchtime got split into groups for lessons and had our first lesson that afternoon. Most people were just about standing on a board by the end of that first lesson. The training board are "soft boards" which are easy to stand on, but not the best for turning on waves etc. Weather was a bit rubbish for mid-december through the rest of the week, so it was chalks he to get towels and swimwear dried between lessons but that's not the camp's fault. Great waves for training on and some bigger waves out the back for those who can paddle hard and want more of a challenge. Friday Funday was great with dress up and the chance to try some of the hardboards that Ripcurl sell.
Social life was a bit hit and miss. Movies play in the communal area every evening. Some people go up there he road to the pub, some go to the beach. But again, the weather limited this a bit.
Overall a great experience and I can now get up on a lot of waves which was the main aim of th camp for me :)

What would you improve about this program?
More organised social activities between the two groups who have different surf/meal timetables each day.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Surf camp australia 10 day package

Best time I had in Australia! Did the 10-day package. The 5 day surf camp down at 7 mile beach was a lot of fun. It was cloudy and rainy the entire time there, but the surfing experience made up for the lack of sunshine. The rooms are like typical hostel dorms with bunk beds. Would have been pretty hot at night I reckon if it had been sunny during the days, so it was nice to have a bit cooler weather. Food was really good considering the amount of people they had to feed every meal.
Went down to yamba next and feel in love with the town and especially surfing! Went surfing with Shane and the group on Monday morning. He helped me get out back to the green waves. Caught an unbroken wave on a 6'8 hardboard. Amazing feeling dropping into a wave and riding it to shore. I'd say that one wave was by far the highlight of my trip in Australia so far (hopefully I'll be catching many more before I go home). I'm actually thinking of changing my flight dates back home to go to yamba to surf for a month before I head home.
After yamba we headed up to byron bay, which is a very chill town. The waves weren't as good, but the party seen is a bit bigger in byron bay if you're wanting to have a fun night out.
Highly recommend this if you're into meeting new people and learning how to surf! It's hard work though, your muscle will definitely feel sore after a few days... But it's all worth it :)!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Surf camp is an essential for any backpacker in Australia

There are 2 two hour lessons per day (except 1st and last days) so you lived and breathed surfing, which is what I really loved. The lessons were very thorough and they have a great location to teach surfing. The teachers all loved their job and made it an even more enjoyable experience. They make the meals for you and they certainly don't cut corners, they make plenty of food! The accommodation is basic hostel standards but I guess nothing but that was really promised! Overall up there with one of the best weeks of my life, a definite must if you are serious about learning to surf while in Australia!

What would you improve about this program?
Sometimes it felt like the common area wasn't quite big enough for the whole group but apart from that I can't think of any reasonable improvements!
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