Travel, experiential learning, service, & Immersion in SE Asia!
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Travel, experiential learning, service, & Immersion in SE Asia!

Carpe Diem offers 3 month semesters combining service, cultural immersion, and adventure. Travel with a group of 12 other students committed to the internal and external exploration our programs offer. Throughout your travels you’ll share meals, live among different peoples, and experience first-hand the warm hospitality that this intriguing part of the world offers intrepid travelers. Trek through villages and learn from the way of life of the hill tribe people. Study the principles of permaculture and sustainable living. Explore the fascinating temples of Angkor Wat. Form meaningful relationships with welcoming homestay family hosts while taking Thai lessons. You’ll learn about Theravada Buddhism while attending a mindfulness retreat in this ancient tradition. Conclude your epic three-month journey in Vietnam earning your PADI Scuba diving certification! Our programs are accredited by PSU, meaning you can earn a full semester of credit while having the experience of a lifetime!

As a Carpe Diem participant, you'll not only have access to our immersive, service-based programming and stellar staff -- but you can opt to also receive up to 18 college credits (an official transcript from Portland State University) and may be eligible for financial aid. We're one of the only Gap Year providers on the market that offers these options for a nominal fee.
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$9900 Program fee includes all food, accommodations, international health insurance, and scheduled program activities for the duration of the program. International airfare, spending money, are extra. International airfare we estimate will cost between $1400 and $1700. Scholarships and tuition reductions are available on a case by case basis. All students can receive a full semester of college credit from Portland State University, credits are an additional $1100 (*note, you will not be in a classroom at all!).
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Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Battambang, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Cu Chi

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19 years old
Marin County California

Best decision I ever made!


This trip was exactly what I was looking for in a gap year program. It gave me an incredible intro into how to travel in a foreign third world country and how plan and execute travel plans. After this trip I feel so much more confident in my ability to travel without a group, something which I am about to go off and do. I took the Carpe Diem trip to South East Asia. I had an incredible experience, and while the places we visited were absolutely incredible, the people and connections I made are what I value the most. Carpe has amazing connections and the homestay I did for ten days was the most memorable part of the trip for me. The group I had and the two leaders were also a big part of what made this trip so amazing. My group was nothing like I expected and everyone was for the most part very different, but we all got along and I have made incredible strong friendships that I will keep forever. Having the support of this group made traveling that much more fun and was a great learning experience on its own. Our group leaders were the most incredible human beings I have ver met. They both have amazing experience, great stories, so much love for what they do and for the group. They were so awesome at getting us to be excited and to smoothing things over when they became rocky. I owe so much of my growth and learning to their facilitation and support.

How can this program be improved?

I think this program needs to have a week of time for the group to be back in the US and reflect together before going home. I know other programs have this and i think it would be really helpful for student to get more support as they reintegrate back home.

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24 years old
Whittier, CA
Whittier College

Carpe Diem is the best decision I have ever made


I learned invaluable perspective and really felt immersed into SE Asian culture. I did other programs, none of which measured up to the experience I had with Carpe. I changed so much over the program and i wouldn't trade my experience for anything. My leaders were some of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I have ever met. They taught me so much of what it means to be a traveler and a world citizen. I would recommend this program highly for anyone looking for a meaningful experience. My gap year was no contest the most transformative year i have ever had.

A message to those thinking about choosing Carpe Diem,

This program is one of a kind, you will have an amazing time, make amazing friends and will never be the same. Do not hesitate to take a gap year, college will always be waiting for you when you return from your experience.

Safe travels!

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing, I would have done two Carpe trips back to back. For the program itself, I wouldn't change a thing.

About The Provider


Our programs are designed to safely challenge every student. Through service, travel, community and cultural exchange – our students receive a unique and personal insight into themselves and the cultures they live within. Our Overseas Educators are trained to facilitate personal growth and learning within