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Jun 04, 2023
Jul 24, 2023
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About Program

Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy is an outdoor adventure school based in Banff National Park, Alberta. We strive to deliver educational programming that will prepare our students to be both leaders and educators in the adventure tourism industry. We offer programs that range in length from 4 weeks to our 2 year Outdoor Adventure Guide Diploma. We also offer a variety of gap year ski & snowboard instructor courses and internships.

Additionally, we put a strong emphasis on independent and healthy living. As a result, our students are housed in fully furnished apartments and houses in the Banff town centre. We believe that our students should be able to cook, enjoy privacy and have a home while they’re with us here in Banff. No hostels and no hotels.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

We strongly believe in building a more inclusive outdoor community. Timberline Academy recognizes the range of unique experiences held by those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour, in addition to backgrounds that vary by race, ethnicity, religion, and language. Timberline Academy is committed to culturally sensitive forms of support and counselling through tailored mentorship, resources, and cultural awareness initiatives that acknowledge the different experiences of BIPOC participants' wellbeing.

LGBTQIA+ Support

Timberline Academy promotes equal opportunity, respect and success for all participants regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We understand the significance of providing an environment where everyone can thrive authentically and we strive to create a sense of belonging and empowerment within our programs. Community support systems and counselling services are in place at Timberline Academy to ensure participants feel safe and celebrated in their expression of personal identity.

Neurodivergent Support

We recognize that diverse learning styles and perspectives contribute to a rich and vibrant community. Through personalized support, open communication, and a commitment to accessibility, we aim to ensure that neurodivergent participants can thrive in our programs.



With stunning Banff National Park as our backdrop, our programs are rooted in sustainability. We integrate eco-friendly practices wherever we can and advocate for responsible mountain recreation. Through collaborative efforts, our programs promote environmental stewardship and community engagement ensuring the preservation of Banff's natural and cultural beauty for future generations.

Ethical Impact

We believe that our program participants aren't just participants - they're active community members aware of the role they play in Banff National Park. Timberline Academy prides itself in a program that emphasizes teamwork, community, and environmental stewardship with the ultimate goal of inspiring lifelong connections among participants. This ensures that our presence contributes positively to both individuals and the broader Banff community.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Timberline Canadaina Alpine Academy

Choosing Timberline do to my ski instructors course during my gap year was one of the best decision's I had made. The level of support in the wellbeing and mental health side of it from the Timberline team was so good and persistent and they had really made a conscious effort to make sure everyone was getting the best Canadian experience. Whether it be a little chat in the local coffee shop to see how your week has gone or a little more support due to homesickness, the staff were always there to support you. No matter how big or small your problem was, you had the help you needed any time. I think what makes Timberline different from all the other ski companies in Canada which are largely British, is that they really do emphasise on the importance of Canadas history to us students with who's land who were on which was offered as an academic class on Wednesday afternoons. Whether you're a current or ex timberline student, the team will always be there for you whether you'll need advice in your next winter season. That's a really important aspect of timberline compared to other companies because you know you can trust them and always have their support.

  • Nice timberline black arcteryx jacket.
  • Nice accomodation
  • Staff are so nice and always there for a chat.
  • Banff is cold
  • Accommodation was outside of town so annoying to get back to after a night out.
  • 12 week course dosn't offer the big 3 pass at a discounted rate as you apply later on so your restrcited to just one ski resort.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience Timberline

I had a great time in Banff, I loved living with people from all over the world and learned a lot from it. Skiing almost every day gave me a perfect structure. It was an ideal balance between skiing and going to bars and clubs. You had the freedom to do almost everything you would like to do. The housing was really nice. I would recommend everyone to do this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Winter Skills Instructor Internship

Timberline provided the most amazing experience and I recommend this course to anybody looking for a fun, educational experience making lifelong friends and learning new skills!

Before even arriving in Banff, I had advice with my visa, an understanding of the structure of the course and what to expect when moving to Canada. We had access to support all day, everyday and if we ever needed help it was only ever a text or phone call away. Our training and exams were all taken care of, and Timberline always supported us and celebrated us along our journey. As someone with little skiing experience when joining this course, the family-feel of Timberline was so encouraging and positive and Banff soon felt like a home. As well as developing my skiing skills and working in an amazing, family friendly resort, Timberline also provides photography classes, leadership exercises and education into the indigenous history of the area. The talks we attended were very insightful and we met some really interesting people. The social events provided were such a great way to make friends and also experience life in Banff. In addition, the trips to other resorts provided by Timberline were some of my favourite days over the course.

Thank you for it all Timberline!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Timberline Alpine Academy

Timberline provided me with a once in a lifetime experience. I met people who will be in my life for a long time and explored places I hadn’t been exposed to before, it was an incredible opportunity to be working and living in the mountains and something I will never forget. Working as a ski instructor was brilliant, there was such a great group of people working alongside me and teaching was a very rewarding and positive experience. The staff are all amazing people and provided me with a really solid foundation, always going out of their way to help if need be. Banff will always be another home thanks to Timberline and I would recommend this experience to anyone looking for a great adventure with even better people.

  • Meeting amazing people across the world
  • Getting to be in such a beautiful landscape
  • Living independently
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Yes, I recommend this program


The best experience you could wish for . The support before I left was first class and continued throughout my time in Banff . I have made some amazing new friends, lived in one of the most beautiful places I have been and got qualified as a snowboard instructor. Who could ask for more ! I also obtained extra skills; first aid , avalanche training etc which is what made the real difference. The support from the Timberline community was exceptional and is what really made the difference. The work was so rewarding and I will most definitely be back . Great company !

  • Support - Timberline commmunity
  • Qualifications
  • Paid work
  • Expensive town
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Yes, I recommend this program

amazing experience

Amazing time living in banff for 7 months, made so many new life long friends from all around the world, also made real progress in ski/snowboarding ability. a lot of super cool trips across the whole season, touring days, glacier hikes, museums, canyons, the whole lot. as a brit i got to experience my first ice hockey game which was entertaining to say the least. if only groceries weren't so expensive in banff i would have nothing to complain about otherwise! working as an instructor at norquay was the most fun job i've ever had!

  • Beautiful location
  • great people
  • So much time on the snow!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Review of timberline academy

Timberline program was one of the best experiences of my life where I made many friends and got to experience so many new things. The program itself was brilliant, I learned about Banff and its history and the harsh mountain environment that we encountered everyday in Banff. We got our instructor qualifications where were taught by some of the best skiers in the world and some of the best resorts in the world are less than an hour away. I really enjoyed timberline academy and I highly recommend.

  • Banff is one of the most beautiful places in Canada with great views, amazing people and lots of activities
  • The staff were really helpful before getting to and throughout my time in Canada
  • Some of the best ski resorts in the world less than an hour away
  • It can get very cold with temperatures getting down to -40 degrees
  • Banff is a very expensive place to live and I didn’t realise how expensive until I got there
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Yes, I recommend this program

Timberline Alpine Academy

I spent 7 months doing the winter internship and white water course in banff, with Timberline. I had the best time of my life. I learnt so many new skills and met the best people. They have great connections in town, so you are well looked after. The staff are just a lovely as they see on the phone. Not one bad word to say. If you need them for anything they are there and if they can’t help you they will help you find someone who will. I worked up at Mt Norquay, and I had the best time ever. I couldn’t recommend working there anymore for your internship. You get to study subjects such as photography which I learnt so much from and discovered new passions. Timberline organise fun activities for everyone to enjoy such as curling, skating and heliskiing. So much fun to be had. Heliskiing was the best day of my life. I also did my AST 1and 2 and I learnt so much. We also did our 40 hour advanced wilderness first aid certification, which I really enjoyed. I learnt so much during the 6 months skiing and fell in love with the industry. After this, I did the white water course, where we got certifications in swift water rescue, canoeing and rafting. This was the best month ever. My favourite part was going on a 5 day canoe trip in BC on the Kootany River. I learnt so much and made lifelong memories. Weather this is a gap year for you or you want to pursue a career in the outdoor industry Timberline is an experience you will never forget and I am so beyond grateful I got spend 7 months with them. It’s the most magical experience in the most beautiful national park. A big thanks to all of the Timberline Staff for all they did to make our winter the best one ever.

  • New skills
  • Life long friends
  • A winter of fun
42 people found this review helpful.

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