The Leap | Turtles + Surfing + teaching in Costa Rica
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The Leap | Turtles + Surfing + teaching in Costa Rica

Join a team of Leap volunteers, heading out to Costa Rica, to get stuck into a mix of turtle and forest conservation, whilst living beach side learning to surf and teaching English to local kids.

A 10 week program will include:

Turtle Conservation
A stunning stretch of beach famous for sunsets, surf breaks and every June-November, a turtle nesting site. Live in a volunteer house right on the beach and help protect the eggs and hatchlings of the endangered turtles.

Beach and Forest Conservation at Santa Teresa
Live in the hip beach side town where you will help with forest and beach conservation before teaching English and swimming to local kids.

Surfing and Spanish
Since the surf is amazing we have arranged for you to learn how to navigate the breaks and speak the local language.

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Airport pick up at start and drop off at the end, transfer to and from the placements. Transport between project phases.
Food and accommodation throughout.

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Program Reviews (3)

21 years old
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Turtles Changed My Life


One of my favorite memories from my trip to Costa Rica was the first time I released a baby turtle into the ocean. I was immediately lucky because most baby turtles crawl out of their nests in the dead of night, so you don't get to enjoy the sight of seeing them walk to the water when it's so dark out. When I saw my first baby turtle it was just before the sun went down, so it was still incredibly bright out! Watching all the babies push their little flippers against the sand as they fight to get to the water is something else. They are so excited to be alive! It's something so wonderfully inspiring that I will always remember.

Later when I got back to camp after all the babies were swimming away, one of my new Costa Rican friends asked me if I was a mom yet. I knew what he meant right away and proudly exclaimed, "Why yes I am!" I'm a big fan of Game Of Thrones, so now I feel at one with the "Mother of Dragons" herself, Daenerys Targaryen - now I am the "Mother of Turtles."

How can this program be improved?

My only recommendation would be for our time spent in Monteverde. I would have liked to have done more conservation work in the reserve to help maintain the forest. The most we did there was rake trails. I definitely would have hoped to have been more involved.

Response from The Leap

Hi Madison,

Thank you for your feedback - really useful. We could change the phases around or perhaps spend more time at the coast? With hindsight are you pleased you went to both places to experience the variety, see more of the country?

We will ask the others and look at the itinerary.

Many thanks


Default avatar
24 years old
New Jersey
Dickinson College

Life Changing Experience


This trip has left me with a group of life long friends from around the world, experiences that have plus will affect me forever, and skills to help me through life. Everyday was a new adventure, from building hatcheries for turtle eggs to teaching English at a local school to playing volleyball with the Costa Rican Cost Guard to hearing stories from past poachers to watching a turtle lay eggs to have a sing-a-long with the group. I would highly recommend this trip.

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing at the time of my trip, it would be the food. At the time of my trip eating rice and beans for every meal after a month got repetitive. However, looking back it was eating that rice and beans everyday that helped form some of the best memories and friendships from my trip. So I speaking from hindsight I would not change it.

Default avatar
24 years old
Southampton, UK
University of Southampton

My experience in Costa Rica


Every day was a new adventure! seeing waterfalls, surfing, milking cows, living with locals and saving turtles, hot weather, rainforests, exotic animals, friendly team members were the highlights for me!

How can this program be improved?

To stay longer than 10 months.

About The Provider


The Leap has been leading the field in overseas volunteering and career enhancing internships since 2002, providing award winning programs across Africa, Asia and South America. They are the first UK company to be accredited by the American Gap Association, about which they are very