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The Leap has been leading the field in overseas volunteering and career enhancing internships since 2002, providing award winning programs across Africa, Asia and South America. They are the first UK company to be accredited by the American Gap Association, about which they are very proud.

Their team programs are unique as they provide a combination of projects, in different locations, with the aim to provide different challenges in different places every few weeks. Projects are a mix of conservation and community.

They take great care in making sure their volunteers have chosen the right program to meet their own goals and expectations.

Volunteers travel as a team so a great social life comes as standard.


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Summer Offer in Peru

We are giving away a free 5 day trek to Machu Picchu (worth $680) to the next 3 Leapers who sign up to our 6 week program, departing on the 2 July.



My journey with the Leap was both eventful and enjoyable. The 6 weeks in Tanzania introduced me to a completely new culture. I learned many things, developed as a person and was glad to be part of the team. Every Leaper received more than adequate support from the Leap's project leaders and I can say that I will miss Tanzania far more than I expected.

I experienced so much. Whether it was sightseeing in the Masai Museum or the snake park adjacent, riding camels (almost got bitten by one of them!) or even taking a dip in the freezing cold Moshi waterfall - the fun never stopped. Relaxing at hot springs or being hypnotised by the breathtaking landscape of the Lake Manyara national park - these were once in a lifetime opportunities.

I most enjoyed building part of a school. But there were many more things to do such as teaching, painting or gardening. Seeing and most of all being able to help those children was more fulfilling than anything I had done before and I am happy I went. The legal aspect wasn't bad either. Seeing Tanzanian court proceedings and day-to-day life at a law firm were indeed interesting to say the least.

How can this program be improved?
I really can't say anything bad about the project I enjoyed it so much. But perhaps some air con or fans in the Dar Es Salaam accomodation would help! It really did get hot - and we weren't even there during the summer period!!
Yes, I recommend

So glad that I chose this prodject it was the most fun that I had on my gap year ( so good that I went back for more). Hopefully will get a chance to come and visit again. The wildlife was amazing to see even though it took a bit of searching. I really liked the relaxed and fun attitude the guys in charge had, definatly made the experience better. Camp was nice and was accompanied with great views and even better night time skys

Yes, I recommend

Where do I begin? Having already completed 5 months living and skiing in the Austrian Alps and interrailing through Europe this year I found it hard to believe that any trip could top it all. My travels to Madagascar however , did just that. I spent four weeks volunteering for MRCI (Madagascar research conservation institute) and two weeks travelling round the most remote islands by boat. Living on camp at turtle cove was so much fun, especially meeting like minded people from all over the world. Playing cards with a beer in hand was the best way to finish a day spent hiking through the forest, identifying rare species and conserving endangered habitats. Then the boat trip in a nutshell : snorkelling, camping , parties , hiking . The most amazing experience. I can't thank all of the staff working for the Leap enough for guiding me through organising and making my travels to such a beautiful remote place possible. THANK YOU!

Yes, I recommend
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I'll start with the boat trip. Honestly, it was definitely the highlight of my trip. I had such an amazing time, the 10 days could not have gone faster. Each day we did something different and new, and were able to experience so much. It was a great opportunity to be able to travel round some of the different islands of Madagascar and to visit the mainland too. I felt that this really gave us a feel of Madagascar, letting us experience more of the Malagasy culture and seeing more of what Madagascar has to offer. We were definitely treated a lot on the boat: the cooking was delicious, with large portions..we even got desserts too! There was rum punch, we also had a really fun bonfire. The trip was a great bonding experience, bringing everyone closer together, and Kyle and Emma were just so amazing, I don't think I could have asked for a better pair of staff to come with us; they were like the mom and dad of the group, but also were so much fun to have around. I will never forget the marvellous time I spent on 'The Spirit Of Malala'.

The living conditions are very basic, but that's part pf the fun of it, and it makes you appreciate all the luxuries of back home, as this is what many people in these countries live like. I really enjoyed the variety of the programmes and how each day was different. Everyone was very friendly and supportive on camp. I was able to experience so much during my time in Madagascar, and its something I'll never forget. Teaching and working with the community was such a rewarding experience, as you know that you are helping out those less fortunate than you. Seeing how some of the Malagasy lived made me realise that I shouldn't take anything for granted, and I have definitely come back home with a different mind frame. I feel that I have grown as a person, both in my confidence and in my attitude towards life. It is important to embrace everything that life has to offer, and not to miss out on any opportunities, as you regret what you don't do, not what you do do.

How can this program be improved?
There's not much more that can be improved, may just more on camp activities and a more variety of things to do on camp.
Yes, I recommend
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I recently spent the past 6 weeks volunteering with the Leap on Nosy Komba and can honestly say it was the best and most unforgettable experience of my life. I met so many great people, saw fascinating animals and made some great memories that will stay with me forever.

On arrival I was absolutely amazed by the camp and accommodation which far exceeded my expectations. Huts are scattered amongst the boulders and trees on the hillside which overlook the beautiful views of Turtle Cove. The huts are furnished with comfortable bunk beds and are lit by solar powered lights.

The Leap prioritise your safety and concerns, which is perfect for first time travellers like myself, they provide support unlike other volunteer companies which can be quite comforting when being in a new environment. At the same time you are given the freedom to enjoy the experience independently.

Some of my greatest memories include snorkelling with a huge turtle through the coral reefs on Nosy Tankelli. Seeing many of the geckos and chameleons that we had learned during forest program on the night walk at the top of Nosy Komba island, including my personal favourite the Uroplatus Henkeli. Another of my favourite memories had to be playing beach football in Be village where we got to know the local Malagasy children and teenagers, also conversing with them in Malagasy which we had learned during the teaching program.

To anyone contemplating travelling to Madagascar with The Leap do not hesitate, just go for it, it will be the best experience of your life- I cannot thank the staff and volunteers enough!!

How can this program be improved?
The only suggestion I would make is perhaps a little bit more structure and organisation within the construction program to ensure that volunteers always have a major project to work on.
Yes, I recommend


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