As one of the richest and peaceful countries in the world, Finland offers one of the best educational systems in the world. With so many things going for Finland, it is no wonder its residents have one of the highest quality of life rankings in the world. See for yourself just how great Finland really is by spending your gap year here!

Language Study

Learn how to speak Finish when you come here for your gap year adventure. Students have the option to spend up a year studying at a local high school, becoming fully immersed in the local environment, which will undoubtedly facilitate maximum learning. There really isn’t a better opportunity to learn the language than coming here, and after all, who doesn’t need to brush up on their Finish?


Though Finland is a very well developed and prosperous country, there are still many opportunities for you to volunteer and improve a local community there. The opportunities range from improving childhood education to taking a short-term trip to undertake local projects. The diverse host of opportunities makes it easy for anyone to find a program that will suit their interests.

Cost of Living in Finland

While there is no denying that Finland is an expensive country, a gap year can still end be manageable if you’re smart with your budget. One can save significant amounts of money by avoiding expensive restaurants and tourist traps. Ultimately, the amount of money you spend will depend on you’re program and personal spending habits but you should budget for around 500-900 euros a month at the very minimum.

Culture and Etiquette in Finland

Finland provides all of its residents with universal coverage and as a result, the country has one of the highest satisfaction ratings with its health-care coverage. This means you won’t have a problem getting first class care will on your trip. Finland also has a very low crime rate, ensuring that you’ll be safe, no matter what part of the country you explore.

In Finland, it is important to speak in moderate voices and be courteous and respectful. The people there are generally pretty modest in nature so one should make an effort to do the same.

Health and Safety in Finland

Austria isn’t a place where you have to worry about safety as the country has a very low crime rate. In addition, the health-care system is considered to be very good and community sanitation is thought to be equal or be better than many U.S. cities.

Contributed by Raj Patel

Gap Year Programs in Finland

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AFS - Gap Year High School Program in Finland
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