Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn with a Gap Year Abroad

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Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn is a program taking you through 2 continents, at least 7 countries in 6 months! You kick off your adventure in Norway to discover, get ready and study with a team of like-minded people from all over Europe for your next destination to South-America! The team travels to Ecuador, for one month to do volunteering in 3 different regions of Ecuador. You will work with communities, gardens, farms animals and of course, the local people! After this experience, you are off to 2 months of travel in South America to explore and travel in another kind of way to get to know the life in these places! When your adventure is over, you will return to tell your story in Norway, conclude and take in all that has happened in this short period!

2 months of Study&Preparations in Norway
1 month of volunteering in Ecuador
2 months of travel in South America
1 month of conclusions in Norway

  • Option to fundraise all the costs of the program
  • Travel and discover two continents
  • Meet people from all over Europe

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In 1970 teachers and their students from Scandinavia started to prepare for the travel of their lifetime with the following slogan: "Let the world be your classroom, and the people you meet your teachers." Since the beginning thousands of national...