West Africa Gap Semester: The Many Stories of Africa
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West Africa Gap Semester: The Many Stories of Africa

The Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes: “Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize.” On the West Africa Semester, students are witness to all of Senegal's stories, ranging from the stories of migrant workers that have gone to and returned from Europe to the nationwide storylines of health, unemployment, gender, human rights, and education. Throughout the three months that students spend learning from profound experience, brilliant mentors and newfound friends and family, they are encouraged to leave their pre-conceived identities and stereotypes of “Africa” at home, opening their hearts to the many stories that constitute modern-day Senegal.

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West Africa Semester: The Many Stories of Africa's land cost is $12,535 for three months. Flight costs for this program are estimated at $2,310. Need-based scholarships are available.
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Thies, Kedougou, Kolda, Dakar, St. Louis

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An Incredible Program for a Gap Semester


I recently returned from spending six months in Senegal for my gap year before attending Dickinson College in the fall. The three months I spent with Where There be Dragons were so transformative to my overall gap year experience but also to me. Throughout the program I learned so much, and created such deep connections with both the people I was with in the group but also local communities we were welcomed into so warmly. I stayed in Senegal for three months after the program ended and without being on my own and traveling on my own I would not have realized the extent of how valuable a Dragons program is. The skills I learned through Dragons were the only way I was able to continue traveling on my own, and the only reason that I was able to create opportunities for myself and discover more while staying safe and connecting with new people and communities. I think the most powerful aspects of the Dragons experience for me were the tools and skills we learned that I now know are essential to intentional travel in new spaces and places. Language lessons, history lessons, and independent projects were key in my Dragons experience and helped me create my own connections to my host families and the places we visited. The curriculum is carefully created by the instructors, and also modified by the students with input and planning done by the group and for the group. The instructors offered one on one support but also were mindful in everyone's transitions to traveling and living in a new place and challenged us to always get out of our comfort zones. Only because of my Dragons experience was I confident, skilled and experienced enough to continue traveling on my own in Senegal afterwards. After returning home from Dragons I have a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation to continue learning about this part of the globe that is so often forgotten by our history classes but also I am inspired and curious to explore new places and because of the skills I gained through Dragons I am so thankful to say that I know I can go to those places safely while having the adventure of a lifetime and continuing to learn and grow.

How can this program be improved?

Dragons has really great financial aid and a dedicated staff to find scholarships, but the price is a little steep while it is well worth every cent.

24 years old
Washington, DC

WTBD team Senegal!


When I was a senior in HS, I decided I needed to take time off from school. I decided to go to Senegal with WTBD for a semester and It completely changed my life and how I see the world. From homestays in large cities to trekking in the forests of southern Senegal to living in a rural village, this program covers everything you could possibly want from a gap semester program and more! I've learned how to respect others and their culture and how to be a successful global citizen. If you want to broaden your horizons, make new friends, push yourself to leave your comfort zone and learn about the world at the same time, do this program!

How can this program be improved?

During the trek, we were instructed to pack too many things in our bags which consequently made them very heavy and hard to hike with. Granted, our trek was shortened due to sickness so we had excess material.

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Dragons programs are authentic, rugged and profound learning adventures that expose the beautiful and complex realities of the countries in which we travel. Featuring extended itineraries, Dragons programs encourage deep immersion into strikingly different physical and cultural landscapes, combining the best in experiential education, travel,