GeoVisions - Walk and Talk: Tutoring and Childcare in Spain

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GeoVisions Walk and Talk program in Spain
GeoVisions Walk and Talk program in Spain


One of the most popular travel destinations, you will fit right into the friendly lifestyle of the Spaniards. The GeoVisions Walk and Talk program places volunteers with a host family in Spain (placements are offered throughout Spain based on availability). This unique program is a blend of a childcare and an Au Pair program; volunteers will spend some time assisting in childcare, as well as some time setting up conversational English lessons.

Volunteers will be asked to work for 20 hours every week; the rest of the time is available for you to explore Spain! The program fee includes room and board along with a weekly stipend from the host family for spending money. This program is the perfect way to travel on a budget.

Program fee starting at US$549.

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Hi Fiona, it looks like the program fee is $799. If you are accepted into the program however you will l earn €40 per week ($44) for spending money.


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